The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Alumni decided in 2003 to provide scholarship money for graduating seniors planning to continue their education after high school at a trade school, technical college or university.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. You must have been a member of the FFA for three or more years.

2. You must have a cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher.

3. You must be planning to attend an accredited post-secondary school after graduation to further your education.

4. You must be a graduating senior.

5. Scholarship candidates should be in official dress for the scholarship interview (loaner jackets are available).

6. You must have earned your Chapter FFA Degree.

7. The application must be typed; you can type in all cells that require it.

8. The application and supporting materials are due by March 1st. No late applications will be accepted.

9. You must submit a copy of your most current transcript with this application.

10. Spelling and grammar needs to be thoroughly checked.

11. All requirements must be met to be eligible for a scholarship.

*updated 8/1/16

General Information:

1. Scholarship amounts generally range between $250 and $500.

2. Announcement of the scholarship winner will be made at the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Awards Banquet. Attendance to the banquet is expected.

3. The scholarship will be paid to the winner after completion of the first term of school is complete and proof of completion is provided.

4. To receive the scholarship money, the winner must not have failed any classes during their first term of school and must have received a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

5. To receive the scholarship money, the winner must show proof of registration for the next term of classes for the school attended during the first term.

6. An interview by a committee of A-C FFA Alumni members will be conducted by March 31st to help determine the scholarship winner(s).

7. If the scholarship recipient fails to earn the required 2.0 GPA during the first term of their schooling, they must receive a 2.0 for the next term or they forfeit their scholarship.

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Past Scholarship Winners

2003 - Rachel Makarius & Jace Spires - $250 each

2004 - Martina Stanley & Jennifer Zaayer - $250 each

2005 - Christian Hoffman & Lindsey Carpenter - $500 each

2006 - Dani Sowers - $250

2007 - Stacey Sams - $700, Crystal Covell - $350, Adam Baldwin - $250, April Senften - $200

2008 - Jessie Berisford - $500

2009 - Josh Cordle, Alyssa Jenkins & Brittany Pinkstock - $500 each

2010 - Teran Pinkstock, Brittany Stevens & Tyler Van Horn - $500 each

2011 - Becca Bentz, Hannah Chenetski, Andrea Hollett, Cheyenne Jepsen, Aaron Miller, Daniel Quincel, & Kelsie Sharp - $500 each

2012 - Emily Cordle, Jenna Ferguson & Sierra Jepsen - $500 each

2013 - Nick Brumfield & Allyson Davis - $500 each

2014 - Katie Krile & Katerina Sharp - $500 each

2015 - Susan Householder, Kaylee Reed, Devon Mullen, Kayla Luft & Adrian Wymer - $500 each

2016 - Nelson Craycraft, Desirae Logsdon, Josie Montoney, James Smith, Sydney Stinson & Samantha Young - $500 each

2017 - Lexie Kougher, Carlie Krile & Austin J. Smith - $500 each

2018 - Emma Dearth, Cassie Brewer, Sarah Doner, Mikayla Hicks & Katie Vickroy - $500 each