Amanda-Clearcreek FFA

Shirt Order Form

Directions: Please order one shirt per form. Multiple orders may be paid for in one check. When given a choice (size, color, etc.), please circle your choice.

Please make checks payable to the: Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Alumni.



Name - _______________________________________



Shirt Size -                  S          M        L          XL       XXL    Other ___________




Shirt Style -     Varsity Lettering                  Emblem           Script             Chopper          Colors



Shirt Type -                 S. S. T-Shirt               L. S. T-Shirt                Hooded Sweatshirt

                                           $10                              $12                                   $25

(add $5 for Camo, $10 for Tye Dye)


Color -     Varsity Lettering                 Script                  Emblem        Chopper          Colors

Navy Blue                      Navy Blue            Navy Blue      Orange           All Script Colors

     White                         White                  White           White             Bright yellow

                          Black                        Black      Black          Black Safety (Neon) Green

                        Ath. Yellow                 Ath. Yellow    Oxford Gray                          Woodland Camo

                                                              Red                    Burnt Orange                      Tye Dye (T-shirts only)

                                                            Light Pink                                                       Cyper Pink (T-shirts only)

                                                            Oxford Gray                                                  Burnt Orange

                                                         Light Blue                       

                                                            Burnt Orange            Varsity Lettering style will have blue & yellow

Purple             lettering on white, yellow & white on blue &

JD Green                    black and blue & white on yellow

White                          Tye Dye is ‘bright swirl’



Varsity Style – Back (small) & Front (large)


Chopper Style – Back (large) & Front (small)



Emblem Style – Back (back) & Front (small)


Script Style – Back (large) & Front (small)


Colors Style – Back (large) & Front (large)