Washington Leadership Conference

The Washington Leadership Conference (previously known as the Washington Conference Program) is a 5-day conference where FFA chapter leaders from around the country have the opportunity to to our nation's capitol while learning valuable skills and experiencing personal growth. This program started in 1969.

Those attending are chosen through an application and interview process within the chapter. The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA awards all-expense paid scholarhips at the chapter banquet to the two members who have completed the interview process and have proved they possess the characteristics of future chapter leaders.

There are several times throughout the summer in which the Washington Leadership Conference is held, but our chapter usually sends its members in late July. While attending, the students meet other FFA members from all across the United States. Friendships are made that continue on even when the conference ends.

The conference is led by an inspirational and engergetic staff of past FFA members who are currently in college. This staff is usually composed of 5 to 6 people who work with the FFA members to improve their communication and leadership skills as well as supply them with vital qualities for a future career. This is done in workshops involving all attendents of the conference, in small groups and in one-on-one teaching.

The WLC is not all work and no play. The students have the opportunity to tour the amazing sites of Washington D.C. including the Arlington National Cemetary, the U.S. Capitol, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. Some of the memorials visited includ the Vietnam War Memorial, the Iwo Jima War Memorial, the Lincoln and the FDR Memorials. In their free time, the FFA members went sightseeing throughout the capitol and visited a variety of places including the Smithsonian Institution, the Holocaust Museum, Ford's Theatre, and the Washington Monument. There was also time for shopping, relaxing, eating out, swimming and a dance was held the last night.

When the FFA members have to eventually depart from the Washington Leadership Conference, they know they are taking home great memories. The skills and experiences that are earned can be brought back to the home chapter to inspire and teach all FFA members how to become better leaders. The WLC is something any member with desire to achieve should strive to attend.

Page content contributed by Beth Fouse, 2002-2003 President.

Memorial Award Application

Amanda-Clearcreek FFA attendance to the Washington Leadership Conference

1981 - John Peters

1983 - Carl Hyme Jr.

1984 - Kelly Westhoven

1985 - Andy Holbrook

1986 - Steve Hyme

1987 - Brian Bowman

1988 - Jeff Tilley

1989 - Adam Sharp

1990 - Kyle Sharp

1991 - Rob Lamp

1992 - James Conkel

1993 - Greg Shaeffer

1994 - Christina Brumfield

1995 - Janice Conrad

1996 - Nick Greiner

1997 - Jennifer Roush & Mike Ellinger

1998 - Amy Fosnaugh & Stuart Darfus

1999 - Robert Blosser & Jenna Spires

2000 - Kevin Strickler & Heather Makarius

2001 - Beth Fouse, Rachel Makarius & Mark Francis

2002 - Heather Hines

2003 - Erika Hardman & Debbie Picklesimer

2004 - Adam Baldwin & Cortney Collins

2005 - Bobbi Edwards, Crystal Covell & Ashley Lamb

2006 - Jessie Berisford & Ryan Davis II

2007 - Madison Fausnaugh, Sarah Rogers & Jodi Roush

2008 - Brittany Pinkstock & Scott Loudermilk

2009 - Brittany Stevens & Andrea Hollett

2010 - Hannah Chenetski & Cheyenne Jepsen

2011 - Sierra Jepsen & John Miller

2012 - Allyson Davis & Kayla Luft

2013 - no attendees

2014 - Susan Householder, Adrian Wymer, Kaylee Reed, Dylan Mullen, Katie Krile & Katerina Sharp

2015 - Lexie Kougher & Josie Montoney

2016 - Carlie Krile & Mallory Seitz

2017 - Ellie Sahr, Emma Dearth & Noah Smith

2018 - Garrett Drake, Paige Hinton & Morgan Anderson

2019 - Stephanie Bowers, Kyle Hicks & Jullian Scott

2020 - WLC not held

2021 - WLC not held

2022 - Riley McKeska & Josie Speakman