Time Investment

Project Hours:  I will work in my project and compile hours of experience on the approximate schedule throughout the duration of the project.

A.    During School Week: ________ hrs/day

B.    Weekends: _______ hrs/day

C.    Summer Hours: _______ hrs/week


Additional People Involved:  In my SAE, there are additional individuals who assist in carrying out the care and management of my project.  They include:

A.    _________________

B.    _________________

C.    _________________


Plans for additional learning:  I may need additional assistance and information in order to conduct my project successfully.  During the project, I may seek the following for assistance (list individuals, seminars, workshops, internet and printed resources)






Potential schedule conflicts include:  While this project is ongoing, I am involved in the following activities or events that may conflict with the care, management and success of this project.  Because of these commitments, I will have to learn to manage my time and resources to complete this project.