Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Class Notes

*AFNR pre-test*

1st Grading Period

Introduction to Agriculture

Farm Facts

FFA Explanation & History * FFA Creed (.pdf)

*FFA Quiz #1* *FFA Quiz #2* *FFA Quiz #3*

FFA Travel Opportunities

*FFA Travel Quiz*

FFA Officers

*FFA Officers Quiz*

Parliamentary Procedure Introduction

Parliamentary Procedure Motions
2nd Grading Period

*Parliamentary Procedure Quiz #1*

*Parliamentary Procedure Quiz #2*

*FFA & Parliamentary Procedure Test Part #1*

*FFA & Parliamentary Procedure Test Part #2*

*FFA & Parliamentary Procedure Test Part #3*

*Greenhand FFA Degree Re-take Test Complete*

Beef Cattle Notes * Beef Cattle Breeds Fun Quiz * Beef Cattle Breeds Fun Quiz 2

Beef Cattle Breeds

"Mad Cow" Disease Article

3rd Grading Period

Dairy Cattle Notes

Dairy Cattle Breeds

Horse Notes

Horse Breeds

Abandoned Horses Article

Homeless Horses Article

Swine Notes * Swine Breeds Fun Quiz

Swine Breeds

Sheep Notes

Sheep Breeds

4th Grading Period

Goat Notes

Goat Breeds

Rabbit Notes

Poultry Notes

Apiculture Notes

*Livestock - Terms & Scientific Names Test*

*Livestock - Small Animals Test*

*Livestock - Large Animals Test*

Introduction to Plants

Major Crops of the USA

*Major Crops Quiz A* *Major Crops Quiz B*

Plant Classification

*Plant Classification Quiz*

Plant Anatomy

Plant Nutrition

*Plant Nutrition Quiz*

Plant Genetics

Plant Reproduction & Germination


*AFNR Post-Test*

Ag Science I Class Links

Oklahoma State Livestock Breeds

Nebraska Hazard Cows

American Rabbit Breeders Association Breed Photos

Oklahoma State Poultry Breeds

The truth about PETA