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Finance Test #2, Part #2

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


(3 points) Of the stocks we reviewed (both classes), which one had the largest positive percentage change?
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.

Numeric Response


(3 points) What was the closing price for Advanced Drainage Systems on 3/4/19? (do NOT include the dollar symbol; DO include the decimal point)



(3 points) What was the price of General Mills stock on 2/20/19? (Do NOT include the dollar sign; DO include decimals)


Complete each statement.


(3 points) Private investors in commodities who attempt to profit from anticipated commodity price changes are known as ________ _________. (two word answer with a space in between words; spelling counts; plural answer)



(3 points) A legal document giving the lender a claim against the property if the principal, interest or both are not paid as agreed is known as a ____________. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A ___________ rate mortgage is a mortgage where the interest rate is periodically lowered or raised, depending upon the current interest rates. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A ________ contract is a contract for commodities where terms are standardized including the price. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A ______ is a two-family house where the owner lives in one half and rents the other half. (spelling counts)



(3 points) An individually owned unit in an apartment-like building or complex where the maintenance and yard work are normally taken care of for a service fee is known as a __________________ (spelling counts; do not abbreviate)



(3 points) Since the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, U.S. Series ____ bonds are now also referred to as ‘Patriot Bonds’. (capitalize your answer)



(3 points) The difference between what your house and property are worth and the amount owned on the mortgage is know as your _________. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A place where things are exchanged, especially a center where securities or commodities are bought and sold, is the definition for a(n) _____________. (spelling counts)



(3 points) Of the two types of stock, ____________ stock is the one that is most often traded by investors. (spelling counts)



(3 points) ____________ stockholders generally have no voting rights at the annual meetings of the corporation. (spelling counts)



(3 points) Going ________ means that the company has offered stock to the public for sale and the company is no longer considered private. (spelling counts)



(3 points) Stock brokers work for a _____________, generally based upon the amount of money, you, the investor, make. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A _______ broker does not provide research or investment advise, they just place the investment order for you for a small fee. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A _______ rate mortgage is a mortgage where the interest rate is set for the life of the loan. (spelling counts)



(3 points) The __________ value of a piece of property is the value of the property as determined by the local government for tax purposes. (spelling counts)



(3 points) If you purchase a home, you generally go through a person licensed in the buying and selling of homes, called a ___________. (spelling counts)



(3 points) Which company had the largest decrease percentage change from Day 1 to Day 5? (type the stock ticker symbol as your answer, not the company name)




(3 points) The arbitrary value assigned to stock is known as the _____   ______. (spelling counts; two-word answer with one space between words)



(3 points) A contract for commodities where terms are standardized with the exception of price, which is determined in public at an established exchange is known as a ___________ contract. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A type of mortgage that is a mix between adjustable rate and fixed rate mortgages is known as a __________ rate mortgage. (spelling counts)



(3 points) The taking of a position in a futures market that is opposite of the position in the cash market is known as ____________. (spelling counts)



(3 points) A ______ _______ is a fund set-up and managed by investment companies that receive money from many investors and then usually buy and sell a wide variety of stocks or bonds. (spelling counts; two word answer with a space between words)



(3 points) When you buy stock in a company, you actually own a part of it. The piece of the company you own is known as a _______. (spelling counts)



(3 points) Of the various stocks we tracked, which stock had the highest individual share value on 2/21/19? Your answer should be the STOCK SYMBOL for the company, not the name.



(3 points) Deere and Company, a large producter of agricultural equipment and other agricultural products, is represented by what stock ticker symbol?



(3 points) General Mills, a large food production company and user of agricultural products, is represented by what stock ticker symbol?


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