Plant & Animal Science Class Notes

Global Agriculture Notes

*Global Agriculture Quiz*

Introduction to Plant Science Notes

*Introduction to Plant Science Quiz*

Introduction to Soil Chemistry Notes

Our Future Needs Soil Article

*Soils Quiz #1* *Soils Quiz #2* *Soils Quiz #3*

Soil Sampling Notes

*Soil Sampling Quiz*

Soil Testing Notes

*Soil Testing Quiz*

pH & Lime Notes

*pH & Lime Quiz*

Nitrogen Notes

*Nitrogen Quiz*

Nitrogen in our Modern World Article

Corn Discovery

Phosphorus Notes

*Phosphorus Quiz*

Potassium Notes

*Potassium Quiz*

Secondary Nutrients Notes

*Secondary Nutrients Quiz*

*Micronutrients Quiz*

*Soils Unit Test*

Plant Classification Notes

*Plant Classification Quiz*

Plant Anatomy Notes

*Plant Anatomy Quiz #1* * Plant Anatomy Quiz #2* * Plant Anatomy Quiz #3*

Plant Reproduction - Introduction to Plant Reproduction

*Intro to Plant Reproduction Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction

*Plant Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Seeds, Fruits & Germination

*Plant Reproduction - Seeds & Germination Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction

*Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction Quiz #1* *Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction Quiz #2*

University of Maine Plant Propagation Article

Plant Reproduction - Genetics

*Plant Reproduction - Genetics Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Genetic Traits

*Plant Reproduction - Genetic Traits Quiz*

*Plant Reproduction Unit Test Part #1* *Plant Reproduction Unit Test Part #2*

Plant Growth Response Factors

Influence of Light on Plant Growth

Influence of Temperature on Plant Growth

Soil Water

Animal Science

Animal Science - Chapter #1 Notes

*Animal Science - Chapter #1 Quiz*

Animal Science - Chapter #2A Notes

Animal Science - Chapter #2B Notes

*Animal Science - Chapter #2 Quiz*

Animal Science - Chapter #3

*Animal Science - Chapter #3 Quiz*

Animal Science - Chapter #4

*Animal Science - Chapter #4 Quiz*



Agriculture Photos

USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery

University of California at Berkley Photo Gallery

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Photo Gallery

Monocots vs Dicots


Garden Seed Companies

Burpee Seeds & Plants

Jung Garden & Flower Seed Company

Park Seed

Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company

Territorial Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Crop Seed Companies

Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Channel Seeds

Asgrow & DeKalb Seeds

Nursery Companies

TyTy Nursery

Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company

Berries Unlimited

Burpee Seeds & Plants

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