Plant & Animal Science Class Notes

Global Agriculture Notes

*Global Agriculture Quiz*

Introduction to Plant Science Notes

*Introduction to Plant Science Quiz*

Introduction to Soil Chemistry Notes

Our Future Needs Soil Article

*Soils Quiz #1* *Soils Quiz #2* *Soils Quiz #3*

Soil Sampling Notes

*Soil Sampling Quiz*

Soil Testing Notes

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pH & Lime Notes

*pH & Lime Quiz*

Nitrogen Notes

*Nitrogen Quiz*

Nitrogen in our Modern World Article

Corn Discovery

Phosphorus Notes

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Potassium Notes

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Secondary Nutrients Notes

*Secondary Nutrients Quiz*

*Micronutrients Quiz*

*Soils Unit Test*

Plant Classification Notes

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Plant Anatomy Notes

*Plant Anatomy Quiz #1* * Plant Anatomy Quiz #2* * Plant Anatomy Quiz #3*

Plant Reproduction - Introduction to Plant Reproduction

*Intro to Plant Reproduction Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction

*Plant Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Seeds, Fruits & Germination

*Plant Reproduction - Seeds & Germination Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction

*Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction Quiz #1* *Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction Quiz #2*

University of Maine Plant Propagation Article

Plant Reproduction - Genetics

*Plant Reproduction - Genetics Quiz*

Plant Reproduction - Genetic Traits

*Plant Reproduction - Genetic Traits Quiz*

*Plant Reproduction Unit Test Part #1* *Plant Reproduction Unit Test Part #2*

Plant Growth Response Factors

Influence of Light on Plant Growth

Influence of Temperature on Plant Growth

Soil Water


Agriculture Photos

USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery

University of California at Berkley Photo Gallery

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Photo Gallery

Monocots vs Dicots


Garden Seed Companies

Burpee Seeds & Plants

Jung Garden & Flower Seed Company

Park Seed

Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company

Territorial Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Crop Seed Companies

Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Channel Seeds

Asgrow & DeKalb Seeds

Nursery Companies

TyTy Nursery

Gurney's Seed & Nursery Company

Berries Unlimited

Burpee Seeds & Plants

Woodstock Nursery