Greenhouse Management - 1st Grading Period

Intro to Plants - Chapter #1 Notes

Intro to Plants - Chapter #2 Notes

*Intro to Plants - Ch. #1 & #2 Quiz*

Intro to Plants - Chapter #3 Notes

*Plant Classification - Ch. #3 Quiz*

Intro to Plants - Field Crops

*Ag Crops & Horticutlure Crops - Ch. 6 & Ch. 7 Quiz*

Basic Plant Nutrition

*Plant Nutrition Quiz*

*Plant Nutrition Quiz #2*

Greenhouse Management- 2nd Grading Period

Introduction to Soil Chemistry Notes

*Soil Chemistry Quiz #1* *Soil Chemistry Quiz #2* *Soil Chemistry Quiz #3*

Soil & Soilless Culture

*Soil & Soilless Culture Quiz *

Methyl bromide poisoning story


NY Times Hydroponics Article

*Hydroponics Quiz*

Greenhouse Management - 3rd Grading Period

Greenhouse Business Management Notes

*Greenhouse Management Quiz #1* Greenhouse Business Management Quiz #2*

Horticulture Industry and Employability

Greenhouse Structures

*Greenhouse Structures Quiz*

Greenhouse Climate Control Notes

*Greenhouse Climate Control Quiz #1*

*Greenhouse Climate Control Quiz #2*

Greenhouse Management - 4th Grading Period

Bedding Plant Production Notes

*Bedding Plants Production Quiz*

Greenhouse Management Class Links

Nitrogen Fertilizer Article

Our Future Needs Soil Article

One Cubic Foot Article