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Use the following links to help prepare for the Agronomy Contest.
This link is designed specifically for the Ohio Agronomy CDE.

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2000-2003 Agronomy Plant Diseases & Deficiencies I.D. Guide

These links will provide you with information pertaining to the Ohio Agronomy CDE, but were not designed specifically for the contest.

Insect ID

Plant ID

Seed ID

Diseases & Deficiencies ID

2001 Wisconsin State Agronomy Test

2001 National Agronomy Test

2002 Wisconsin State Agronomy Test

2002 National Agronomy Test

2003 Minnesota State Crops Test

2003 North Carolina State Agronomy Test

2003 Wisconsin State Agronomy Test

2003 National Agronomy Test

2004 Minnesota State Crops Test

2008 National Agronomy Test

2009 Marysville Invitational Agronomy Test

2009 Ohio State Agronomy Test

2010 Ohio State Agronomy Test

MSU Weed I.D.

U. of Kentucky - Seed Identification

U. of Kentucky - Insect Identification

U. of Kentucky - Seed Tag Evaluation

Virginia Tech's Weed Identification Guide

Agronomic Crop Disease Fax Sheet Index

Purdue's Crop Diseases Page

The Ohio State University's Plant Facts

University of Kentucky's Field Crop Insects Page

Weed Science Society of America - Weed Images

Iowa State's Plant Diseases & Damage Page

Herbicide Injury Symptoms on Corn and Soybeans

Rutgers' New Jersey Weed Gallery

West Virginia University's Forage Pictures

Pasture & Forage Insect Identification Pictures

Grasses - Plant ID - Forage & Pasture

Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide

Invasive and Exotic Plants

Weed Science Society of America - Weed I.D.

Univeristy of Illinois Broadleaf Weed I.D.

Weeds of the North Central States