The General Livestock Contest tests student knowledge and understanding of the beef, swine and sheep industries. At present, the contest consists of judging classes of beef, sheep and swine. Currently, a chapter may enter an unlimited number of members at the state level, with the top three scores making-up the team score. In the past, this contest was simply known as Livestock Judging and it predates the FFA, having started in 1924; it was the 1st official state judging contest. With the 2007-2008 school year, this CDE was restructured into having a state preliminary contest with the top teams proceeding onto the state finals. The top 4 scores are considered the 'Team of Record' and those names are in bold. The state winning team competes at the National FFA Convention. The second place team competes at the Big E. The third place team will compete at the National Western Show. The fourth place team competes at the American Royal in Kansas City, MO. The fifth place team competes at the Eastern National Show. The sixth place team competes at the World Beef Expo. The seventh place team competes at the Stockman Contest.

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