There are currently 4 public speakingcontests offered by the Ohio FFA Association. Creed Speaking isavailable only to freshmen who recite the FFACreed and answer questions about theCreed. Beginning Prepared is geared mostly for sophomores who present5 to 7 minute speak on an agricultural topic. The ExtemporaneousSpeaking contest is open to all 4 grade levels. Extemporaneousspeakers draw a agricultural topic and are given 30 minutes todevelop a 4 to 6 minute speech from materials they have brought withthem and their own personal knowledge. The Prepared Speaking contest,often referred to as 'Senior Prepared', is open to members in all 4grade levels, but generally involves junior and senior members whopresent a 6 to 8 minute prepared speech.

For members to advance to the Districtcontest, members must place 1st or 2nd in the county contest in allareas except Creed Speaking, where a member must be in the top 3. Toadvance to the State Preliminaries, a member must be 1st or 2nd inthe District for all 4 areas. Students are normally given a Bronze,Silver or Gold rating at each level of competition.

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