Amanda-Clearcreek FFA

CDE Hall of Fame


  1. The FFA member must win at least two different CDEs at the state level as an individual or as a member of a state winning team.
  2. The FFA member must be considered a part of the 'Team of Record' by the state CDE officials for all CDEs referenced in these stipulations.
  3. The FFA member must be in the top ten in two other CDEs at the state level as an individual or as a member of a team.
  4. If the FFA member is on a team that wins at the state level in the same CDE as a previous top ten finish, then that top ten finish cannot be used for #3.
  5. An FFA member who is an individual winner of a CDE at the national level or who is on a team that wins nationally is automatically inducted.
  6. A team or individual win at the regional level will be equivalent to a state win even if in the same CDE area as another counted CDE.
  7. Members will be inducted in the spring of their senior year or as a graduate.

The Amanda-Clearcreek CDE Hall of Fame was established in 2009.

CDE Hall of Fame Members

Josh Cordle - Class of 2009

Alyssa Jenkins - Class of 2009

Michael Hite - Class of 2011

Aaron Miller - Class of 2011

Emily Cordle - Class of 2012

Sierra Jepsen - Class of 2012

John Miller - Class of 2012

Alex Norris - Class of 2012

Nick Brumfield - Class of 2013

Adrian Wymer - Class of 2015

Josie Montoney - Class of 2016

Samantha Young - Class of 2016

Billy L'Huillier - Class of 2017

Emma Dearth - Class of 2018

Noah Smith - Class of 2019

Bryson L'Huillier - Class of 2019

Trevor Spence - Class of 2020

Aaron Sharp - Class of 2020

Morgan Anderson - Class of 2021

Sara Sharp - Class of 2022

Emily Buckley - Class of 2023

Riley McKeska - Class of 2023

Hannah Saum - Class of 2023