Chapter FFA Degree Requirements
for Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Members
To earn the Chapter FFA Degree from the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter, youmust comply with all of the following requirements:

1. You have earned the Greenhand FFA Degree and are a member in good standing as defined by the chapter constitution (i.e. you have paid your FFA dues).
2. You are at least a sophomore currently enrolled in an agricultural education course.
3. You have completed at least one semester of agricultural education.
4. You must be familiar with the chapter constitution.
5. You must have participated in at least five official activities of the chapter.
6. You must be familiar with the Chapter Program of Activities.
7. You have earned at least $150.00 from or invested at least $150.00 into your Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (see the chapter constitution for any exceptions).
8. You have demonstrated the ability to lead a group discussion effectively for at least 12 minutes, including a 10 minute prepared speech.
9. You can demonstrate at least five parliamentary procedure abilities.
10. You have demonstrated progress toward achievement of an agricultural proficiency award.
11.You must have passed your Agricultural Education class for the first andsecond grading periods.