January Newsletter

by Matt Lamp,Reporter

FFA Meeting- The monthly FFA Meeting will be held Monday,January 24th in the Ag shop. All members are required to attend. TheChapter FFA Degree ceremony will also be held at this meeting.

Fruit Sale - The chapter would again like to thank everyone whobought fruit this year. We sold a record 1870+ boxes & baskets.The top seller was, for the 3rd year in a row, Robert Blosser with109 boxes & baskets sold. All fruit money will need to be turnedin by January 20th. The chapter would also like to thank all parentswho delivered fruit.
State Degrees andAwards- Those Juniors and Seniorsapplying for the State FFA Degree and 2nd, 3rd or 4th year membersapplying for District Proficiency Awards need to begin working ontheir books and proficiency awards immediately. The completion ofthese books and applications is a very lengthy process, so theapplications need to be finished soon. All Proficiency awards andState FFA Degree Applications must be completed by the end ofJanuary. Any member interested in Proficiency Awards should contactMr. Tilley ASAP.
Record Books- All updated or completed Record Books are dueJanuary 11th.
Ag Breakfast- The Monthly Ag Breakfast will be held Thursday,January 6th at 7:00 a.m. at Kaylor's Korner in Amanda. All membersare encouraged to come and have a great time.
District ParliamentaryProcedure- The DistrictParliamentary Procedure Contest was held December 13th at WestfallHigh School. Our team consisted of: Mike Ellinger, Robert Blosser,Matt Lamp, Beth Fouse, Casey Teets, Angela Davis, Joe Davis, AndreaNoll, Tracy Larson, Heather Makarius, Coty Bodamer, and Mike Justice.The team earned a 3rd place ranking with a GOLD rating at thedistrict level. This is the first time in the known history of thechapter that we have received a gold rating. All the long, hardpractices paid off. The team put a lot of effort into the contest.Congradulations to all these members that in the contest.
Public Speaking- The county public speaking contest will be held onFebruary 1st. The chapter is having an elimination contest on January13th. The beginning prepared and the senior prepared speeches are dueto Mr. Tilley on January 12th. A chapter contest will determine ourbest representative in Creed Speaking, Beginning Prepared,Extemporaneous, and Senior Prepared speeches will be held January13th.
Football- The chapter would like to congratulate theAmanda-Clearcreek football team for the hard work that it took to winthe Division 5 State Championship. Many of the players are veryactive in the FFA Program. The players that are in FFA are: ChrisWhite, Russell Foster, Dean Daugherty, Brent Davis, Mike Ellinger,Jon Singleton, Nick Lee, Dan Tooill, Mike Justice, Chris Hanes, SteveCrabbe, Josh Parsons, Justin Louks, Lance Green, Tony Miller, KevinStrickler, Jeremiah Walker, Josh Knotts, Chris Thorton, ZachMcPherson, Silas Carpenter, Ryan Foster, Ryan Sisler, James Cupp, JoeDavis, Dan Schooley, Josh Zawacki, David Conley, Hank Elder, CotyGilbert, and Justin Reeves.
Greenhand- At the December FFA Meeting the chapter held theannual Greenhand Ceremony. The members that received the this degreeare: Amie White, Ami Turner, Andrew Affloter, Andy Nhan, Beth Fouse,Cassie Shaeffer, Coty Gibert, Craig Stevens, David Taynor, DeannaPontius, Devon Timmons, Elizabeth Yoakum, Emily Cochran, EmilyNungester, Heather Edler, Heather Makarius, Jace Spires, James Cupp,Jason Shields, Joe Abram, Joe Davis, Josh Zawacki, Justin Reeves,Katie Bowman, Kristin Graves, Lindsay Simon, Lindsay Turner, MaryWhite, Michelle Amman, Rachel Makarius, Samantha Wiggins, ShaunaCornell, Tabby Strausz, Teresa Hall, Randall Miller, and ErinGilfillen.
Paper Drive- The Chapter is holding a paper drive. The chapteris going to collect newspapers (not magazines) during FFA Week.Chapter members and school district residents are encouraged to startsaving your newspapers and bring them in to the old ag shop onFebruary 22nd, 23rd or 24th. The money that is raised will be donatedto a charity that will be determined at the next meeting.
Leadership Workshop- The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA is hosting a LeadershipWorkshop on January 26th in the ag shop at 6 p.m. The State Officerswill be leading the workshop. All members especially, freshman andsophomores are encouraged to attend the workshop. All chapterofficers and assistant officers are expected to attend. There will beletters sent out to other chapters inviting them to send their activemembers.