November Newsletter

by Coty Bodamer,Reporter

Next Meeting - The next meeting of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapterwill be held on the 20th at 6pm. There are bonus point opportunitiesavailable to you at these meetings.

Wear your FFA hat before and after themeeting * 5 points

Wear your FFA shirt so that it maybe seen*10 points

Wear your FFA jacket * 20 points

Wear your Official Dress * 30 points

If you move a motion, second a motion orread a committee report * 5 points

The participation points add up quick andyou may earn up to 10 participation points per meeting, so a littleextra effort can go a long way.

Committee Chairs - The members to represent our chapter as CommitteeChairs have been selected by the Officers. They were picked for theirabilities and how they can relate to their respectiveCommittee.

Student Development * Shawn Goodman

Chapter Development * Rachel Makarius

Community Development * Beth Fouse

Public Relations * Heather Elder

Career Development Events * BrandieBowe

Earning and Savings * Jace Spires

Recreation * Jenny Green

Fruit Sale - The order forms for thefruit sale are due the 15th. The fruit should then be delivered onthe 12th and 13th of December. There are buyers for this fruit thatbought from the Seniors last year and Mr. Tilley has a nice sizedlist of past buyers. First come, first serve. Keep in mind there isno longer a straw field to bale and sell anymore, so we need all thefunds we can get from this sale. This is by far our biggest moneymaker and without total member participation, we won't be able tocompete in contests or take any trips.
Support the Ohio FFA Foundation -
The Ohio FFA Foundation has created a new way todisplay your FFA Pride. For an additional $25 dollars (with $15 goingto the Ohio FFA Foundation) you can purchase a Agricultural Educationlicense plate. The form has been included with this News Letter. Ifyour an Alumni, past member, parent, or even a current member, youknow the feeling that is associated with wearing your official dressor the FFA emblem on your shirt or hat. Imagine the pride and honorin displaying the Future of Agriculture where ever yougo.
Ag Breakfast -
The Ag. Breakfast washeld on the 2nd at Tee Jaye's in Lancaster. Approximately 30 membersattended and started off the with a good meal.
Contest Info -
There are many waysto make yourself known in your chapter. The most obvious and easy wayis to join one of the contest teams! We need members for CreedSpeaking, Beginning Prepared Speaking, Meats, Agronomy, NatureInterpretation, Poultry, Greenhand Quiz, Grain Merchandising, and AgEngineering Technology. Sound good?! Talk to Mr. Tilley or My Sharpas soon as possible! These contests are open to all members and lookgreat on applications!

Those people wanting to be on theParliamentary Procedure Team please remember that the run off datewill be the 14th. Need more info? Ask Mr. Tilley.

Ag Challenge - So really, when it comes down to it, who is thebetter class? Well of course the seniors, right? or maybe the juniorsor sophomores? the freshmen? Well, we all have our pick, but to makeit more official than bullying other classes, a new competition hasbeen developed. The Ag. Challenge. The A-C FFA Ag. Class Challengeare for those enrolled in any Ag. Class and are for the classes of01, 02, 03, and 04. This was developed to encourage participation anda little friendly competition and sportsmanship. Instead of hot dogsand chips like we usually do, the winning team will be served steakand ice cream at the June meeting! The class will also benefit from15 extra points on your final exams....

This contest will be done May 31st.

-To be eligible you must have attended atleast 2 FFA meetings and at least 1 after school activity

The following are how the classes will bescored:

Place in the top ten in the stateindividually - Earn 5 points for your class

Place in the top ten as a team - Earn 3points for your team

Class having the highest average membersattend a meeting - Earn 1 point, possible 9 total pointspossible

Class having perfect attendance at a meeting- 5 points

Top male and female fruit sales people - 2points for their class

The class with the most fruit sold and moneyturned in by January 31st - 5 points

The top male and female sales people ofmulch - 3 points for their class

The class with the most mulch sold and moneyturned in by April 31st - 5 points

Members who turn in Summer Camp forms andpay the costs in full by May 31st - 1 point for each in therespective class.

At the end of each grading period, the classwith the top male and female average GPA's - 4 points total for eachclass, each grading period

There will be contests at each meeting formore points. No member can be used more than once so pick yourrepresentatives carefully...

Trap Shoot - The trap shoot will be held at the Green's againthis year on the 12th at 1:00 pm. Directions will be given in class.Liability release forms must be signed and presented for each personattending.
Trail Clean up -
At the last meetingof the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter the membership voted to workwith the Fairfield County Heritage Trail Association on their variousprojects. We will be helping with the Fox Trail clean-up on November19th. We will meet at Olivedale in Lancaster at 1:00 pm. To learnmore information about this organization visit their web site at:
Reporters Note - Ok, I'm late again! I apologize. I was at NationalConvention and there will be a very detailed section in the DecemberNews Letter. I would like to get more people involved in the makingof this News Letter. I obviously can't be everywhere, or intervieweveryone so PLEASE feel free to voice your opinion! I would like toget a column started that would be devoted to those thoughtsexpressed by the student body and FFA membership. If you have anyquestions, comments or ideas, e-mail me (,or leave a voice mail at 556-8300! Thanks!! Coty