October Newsletter

by Coty Bodamer,Reporter

Next Meeting - The next meeting of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA willbe held October 24th.

Hog Roast - The annual Hog Roast will be held October 4th at7pm. All members as well as their families are encouraged to attend.This will give the freshmen members a chance to get to know the oldermembers better and for their parents to understand the FFA as anorganization. It will be held at the New Ag. Shop rain or shine! Allfamilies are asked to bring a covered dish and and their own tableservices. The Chapter will provide the main course and drinks!
Ag Breakfast - The monthly Ag. Breakfast will be held October 5that Steak and Shake. At the previous meeting Casey Teets made anargument as to where the Ag. Breakfast should be held. He reminded usall that we have been to several restaurants and it would be moreconvenient to pick a spot and stick to it. Others argue that changinglocation offers different things and so a variety of breakfast menusis better.
The 73rd National FFAConvention - Those wishing to attendthe National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky must have turnedin their applications before Tuesday, October 3rd. The Chapter willpay for the registration and the van rental. There will be a onenight stay Short trip and a 5 night stay Long trip.
Paper Drive - The A-C FFA will be hosting a paper drive fromSeptember 29th to October 6th, to raise money for the Area 5 SpecialOlympics. If you have any paper that you would like to donate, pleasebundle it and call the Ag. Department to let us know, or just drop itoff at the Old Shop!
Contest Info - The District Soils contests are coming up. Thosewho are participating be sure to study! September 28th the Forestryteam competed at the district level with Michael Shaeffer, JoshKnotts and David Thomas and placed 7th. They will then go on tocompete at the State contest on October 7th. A new contest has beenannounced. The Ag. Communications State contest will be September30th at OSU.

Please remember that all members areeligible to compete in any contest, just sign up and find Mr. Sharpor Mr. Tilley for info.

The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA had 13 membersparticipate at the County General Livestock Judging contest. Thefollowing are the members of the senior division and their placing:

Kevin Strickler - 4th

Jennifer Strickler - 5th

Chris Hanes - 12th

Mark Francis - 21st

Ned Phillips - 24th

Robert Blosser - 25th

Bill Pontius - 26th

Jace Spires - 27th

Tracy Larson - 29th

Brandy Easter - 30th

Josh Parsons - 31st

Jordan Lee - 32nd

Summer Zeimer -33rd

The following are the placings for theJunior division;

Brian Bussert - 10th

Matt Tolliver - 12th

Calvin Hanes - 18th

Josh Cupp - 21st


The Rural Soils team competed at the countylevel with the team placing 2nd. The following are the individualplacings:

Robert Blosser - 4th

Mark Francis - 7th

Jace Spires - 12th

Josh Cupp - 16th

Nolan Gosset - 17th

The Urban Soils team had only 2 memberscompete. They placed as follows:

Dawn Helber - 7th

Casey Teets - 8th

Fruit Sale - The Annual Fruit sale is slowing starting up! Theprizes for the sale have been adopted and are as follows:

Cash Awards System

Sell over 70 boxes * $50 commission

Sell 50-69 boxes * $25 commission

Sell 35-49 boxes * $10 commission

Sell 20-34 boxes * $5 commission

The overall sales person will get $75 overcommission with the second place overall salesperson receiving $50over commission. The top salesperson in each Ag. Class will get $5over commission, to be collected on ONE class only. You must sellover 20 boxes to be eligible. To attend the National Machinery Showand National Tractor Pulls in February, you must sell over 25 boxes.For every dollar you earn, you may "trade in" a dollar in cash for $2in credit for any item in the FFA Catalog. (Up to $30)

For the new members...if you sell 40 boxesyou get your FFA Jacket free! A $50 value!!

In addition to individual earnings, theChapter benefits greatly from this fund raiser. This is our biggestand most successful fund raiser of the year. It pays for our trips,contest fees, awards and many other things.


Fairfield County Fair- The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA will bedisplaying a booth at the county fair again this year. Set up will beOctober 8th and will be taken down the 15th. Bonus point will beawarded to those who help these two days. More details will beprovided in class. Those members displaying class or shop projects atthe fair will have their projects in the booth. Crop projects will bein the center of the building with other FFA Chapter's crop projects.
Reporter's Note - Sorry about the delay on the September NewsLetter! Every thing's back to normal. Thank you to those who havefolded and stuffed envelopes for me! You have no idea how much Iappreciate it! Once again, if you have any questions, comments orideas, e-mail me ASAP!! Wyld_Yello_Roz@yahoo.com. If you would rathertalk to me in person, you can find me in Mr.Tilley's room!

Thanks Again!