Fall 2003 Newsletter

by Holly Edwards, Reporter

Newsletter Explanation

With the move to the new school and the technical difficulties we have had with our computer system, we decided to combine the September and October newsletters into a Fall Newsletter. We are still experiencing some computer problems and will try to get a November newsletter out as soon as possible.

The 2003-2004 officer team welcomes all new members of the FFA chapter. We have a fun year of activities planned for you this year. There will be many opportunities to make your experience in the FFA a memorable time. We hope you will help us make this year the best that is can be.

September Meeting

The September FFA meeting was held in the shop in front of the old school on September 22nd. This was the first meeting of the new school year. FFA meetings are held once a month. After each meeting, we typically hold an ag challenge. The ag challenge is worth points to help your class. At each ag challenge, each class needs to choose a male and a female to participate. Therefore freshman need two representatives and so on and so forth. The points add up and at the end of the school year we have cook out and the class with the most points traditionally gets ice cream. This is a fun and rewarding activity. Good Luck!!!!

FFA Camp

FFA Camp was held at Camp Muskingum July 14th-18th. FFA Camp was a week long full of fun and excitement. It was a great opportunity to meet new people as well as see some that you already know. The Amanda Clearcreek FFA Chapter was represented very well this year. A majority of the chapter attended forth session with about four attending fifth. Those attending camp were: Crish Alvey, Josh Behrens, Maggie Bowman, Megan Braden, Brian Bussert, Ryan Byrd, Lindsey Carpenter, Amanda Cassidy, Heather Cramer, Holly Edwards, Jennifer Evans, Clint Evans, Erika Hardman, Amber Hedrick, Michael Hedrick, Bryan Hill, Steven Johnson, Emilee Klamfloth, Lindsay Lama, Leslie McAfee, Megan Miller, Chelsea Polt, Krystina Preece, Samantha Reid, Ashley Rodgers, Cassi Slone, Dani Sowers, June Spires, Bobbie Thomas, Greg Wehrle, and Jenny Zaayer.

At camp there were always many fun activities to participate in. Anywhere from riffle range to canoeing and volleyball to swimming; there was always an activity to participate in. And, might I add, Mr. Sharp got a pie in the eye by sophomore member Maggie Bowman. Pie in the Eye is an FFA Camp tradition in which everyone at camp are split up into separate chapters. The chapters compete to earn points and raise money for Children's Hospital. Maggie's chapter won this contest.

Skills Contest

FFA skills contests have began. Recently, the soils and the forestry teams have competed. These contests are contest were the participants study and compete against other chapters.
Forestry Team

The district forestry team consisted of Sarah Caroll, Crish Alvey, Holli Arledge, and Megan Miller. At the state contest Sarah placed 145th, Crish placed 91st, and Holli placed 120th. As a team the three placed 28th. Congratulations to this team.
Summer Canoe Trip

The annual canoe trip was held on August 16th on the Hocking River from a livery in Logan. Those attending had the option of a canoe or a kayak. They canoed about a two and a half mile trip taking about three hours. Those in attendance were: Calvin Hanes, Rick Foster, Cassi Slone, Amanda Cassidy, Megan Braden, Trent Strous, Brad Bowers, Skyler Baldwin, Tylor Roark, Carlos Del Angel, Tyler Cassidy, Greg Wehrle, Christian Hoffman, and Ralston Foster. Angie Foster and her nephew also attended.
Chapter Relocates

As many of you already know the Amanda Clearcreek FFA Chapter has transferred its location to the new school buildings. The facility is much larger and has a better setup. The new mailing address is now 328 East Main Street. To contact our advisors, you can call Mr. Sharp at 969-7384 or Mr. Tilley at 969-7381; please be sure to leave a message.
Tarlton Fish Fry

The FFA chapter helped the Tarlton Fire Department with the annual fish fry on June 26th. What we basically do is serve tables and help with the basic clean up at the close of the fund raiser. This activity was once again a fun and enjoyable experience. Those who attended were: Crish Alvey, Amanda Campbell, Lindsey Carpenter, Amanda Cassidy, Leah Edgington, Holly Edwards, Michael Hedrick, Hilary Noll, and Dani Sowers. Thank you to those of you who dedicated your time to make this once again a successful activity.

Summer Ag Breakfast

Over the summer the chapter held three ag breakfasts. Those in attendance were:

The July ag breakfast was held on the 10th at Bob Evans. Those in attendance were: Brian Bussert, Amanda Campbell, Lindsey Carpenter, Amanda Cassidy, Holly Edwards, Cerene Kilbarger, Jennifer Fletcher, Jamie Luck, Joe Penhorwood, Debbie Picklesimer, Krystina Preece, Tylor Roark, Dani Sowers, Alexa Stewart, Trent Strous, and Brandi Zeimer.

The August ag breakfast was held on the 7th at Tee Jayes. Those in attendance were: Andrea Brumfield, Brian Bussert, Amanda Campbell, Amanda Cassidy, Holly Edwards, Jennifer Fletcher, Donnie Holsinger, Brandon Johnston, Cerene Kilbarger, Jamie Luck, Joe Penhorwood, Chelsea Polt, Samantha Reid, Ashley Rodgers, Rachel Schneider, Dani Sowers, Trent Strous, and Ryan Sturgeon.

The September ag breakfast was held on the 4th at Bob Evans. Those in attendance were: Amanda Cassidy, Jennifer Fletcher, Jamie Luck, and Samantha Reid.
Soils Contests

The soils contest has two teams Urban and Rural. The Urban Soils team consisted of Chelsea Polt placing 37th in the district, Alexa Stewart placing 54th, and Alicia Owen placing 64th. As a team they placed 12th in the district. The Rural Soils team placed 16th as a team. This team consisted of Amanda Campbell placing 28th in the district, Steven Johnson placing 71st, Seth Matheny placing 72nd, Bobbi Edwards placing 80th, and Jenny Adams placing 86th. Congratulations to both of these teams and thanks for your hard work.
Chapter Trap Shoot

The chapter trap shoot was held at the Green residence on September 28th at 1:00 p.m. Those in attendance were: Kara Muck, June Spires, Stacey Sams, Seth Curtis, Matt Tolliver, Travis Kiser, Anna Waggoner, Travis Ash, Kelsey Johnston, Shawn Cox, Anthony Wampler, as well as parents, advisors, and ffa alumni. Safety is the first priority of this event. Before anyone began shooting a brief gun safety demonstration was given. In this demonstration guests were taught basic gun safety as well as the proper way to shoot and hold a gun. Thank You to the Barb and Lonnie Green for hosting the chapter trap shoot again this year, with a special thanks to Green and Sons Construction, Buckeye Ready Mix, R&G Concrete, and Heritage Embroidery for providing door prizes.
FFA Center Hosting

The Amanda Clearcreek FFA chapter hosted the Ohio FFA Center on August 13th at the Ohio State Fair. The chapter greeted guests at the door to welcome them to the Ohio FFA Center. Chapter members also gave direction to the guests so that they could better understand the history of the FFA in Ohio. Those chapter members in attendance were: Crish Alvey, Ryan Byrd, Amanda Cassidy, Heather Hines, Martina Stanley, and Ryan Sturgeon. Thank you to those members who attended.
Ohio Cattleman's Booth

The chapter took on a community service project this year at the Ohio State Fair. On August 2nd the chapter ran the Ohio Cattleman's booth. They asked different FFA chapters around Ohio to work their booth at the fair. Our chapter worked two shifts. In return for working every member in attendance received a free pass to the fair and a free meal complements of the Ohio Cattleman's Association. There were nineteen members present at this event. Those in attendance were: Crish Alvey, Matt Bevard, Megan Braden, Lindsey Carpenter, Eric Cox, Ashley Hunter, Johnathon Johnson, Steven Johnson, Cerene Kilbarger, Lindsey Lama,C.J Little, Hilary Noll, Ashley Rodgers, Rachel Schneider, Tiffany Snoke, Dani Sowers, Martina Stanley, Wayne Strickler, and Jake Westhoven. Thank You!
Amanda Lion's Club Dinner

The Amanda Lions Club held their chicken dinner in our new school this year on September 13th. Those who helped were Amanda Campbell, Alexa Stewart, Skyler Baldwin, and Kelsey Johnston. It was a pleasure for the chapter to assist the Lions Club each year for this fundraiser. The Lions Club has always been a large supporter of the chapter.
Straw Bale Toss

The first ag challenge was held after the September meeting. The groups for the straw bale toss was broken down into freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A male and female representative was needed from each grade. The placement for this contest was first place seniors. Jordan Lee and Christina Geirhart had a combined throw of 50'11''. The second place team was the sophomore class with Erika Hardman and Steven Johnson throwing 43'3''. The junior class came in third with June Spires and Ralston Foster throwing a combined throw of 41'11''. And finally, the freshmen came in fourth place with Christine Boso and Matt Nester representing their class.