March 2003 Newsletter

by Holly Edwards, Reporter

March FFA Meeting

The next FFA meeting will Monday, March 17th at 7:00 pm. This meeting will be ran by the new officer team. The Ag Challenge will be Volleyball Tournaments. There should be a team for the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The team can consist of as many people there is that want to participate, but, there can only be a total of six players on the court at all times. No more than three male competitors can be on the court at a time.
New Officer Team

At the February meeting, the new officer team was elected. Eleven officer candidates completed all the required elements. In order to be eligible to run for office, you must be a sophomore or junior and have received your chapter degree. Then you must fill out a two page application that asks you to state why you think you are the best person to fill the office. After doing this, candidates attend an interview given by the retiring officer's and Nick Greiner, the 98-99 chapter president. The nominating committee prepares a beginning ballot of who they think will best fill the office. Members who attended the meeting voted for who they wanted to represent the chapter as officers. The new officer team for 2003-2004 is as follows:

President: Amanda Cassidy

Vice President: Jenny Zaayer

Treasurer: Sandy Larson

Secretary: June Spires

Reporter: Holly Edwards

Sentinel: Brian Bussert

Student Advisor: Lindsey Carpenter

Also, at this meeting, the Jr. Fair Board representitive was elected. This is open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. There were six people who ran. The only requirement is you must fill out an application and have showed a project at the Fairfield County Fair. The 2003-2004 Jr., Fair Board representitive is Jordan Lee.

I would like to thank everyone who ran for office and congratulate the new officer team.
Retiring Officer Team

The retiring officer team consisting of: (Beth Fouse, Rachel Makarius, Erin Gilfillen, Jace Spires, Mallory McMaster, Lindsey Turner, and Samantha Wiggins) have played a major role in the FFA. Without these dedicated officers, our chapter would not be what it is today. They have represented our chapter very well and by doing so, they have set great expectations for us as a chapter this year.

On behalf of the 2003-2004 officer team I would like to thank them for such a great year. They have always encouraged us to strive to do our best. Your dedication and fellowship will be greatly missed among the FFA chapter.


Spring Contests

Spring contest practices have begun. The first contest will be Saturday, March 8th at Mt. Gilead. The Marysville contest will be held on Saturday, March 15. This contest will serve as our district contest. If you have not signed up for a contest but have interest in doing so, see Mr. Tilley or Mr. Sharp a.s.a.p. We currently have teams in Poultry Judging, Wildlife Management, Equine Management, General Livestock, and Agronomy. Good Luck to everyone participating in the Spring Contest at the Mt. Gilead invitational.
Paper Drive

At the February meeting Children' s Hospital was chosen as the recipient of all proceeds of the paper drive. Thank you to everyone who brought in newspaper.
Ag Breakfast

This month's Ag breakfast will be held on Thursday, March 13th. It will be at Friches in Lancaster and begin at approximately 7:00 am. Members, we are looking forward to seeing you there.
Mulch Sale

The Spring Mulch Sale started March 10th. This fundraiser is a major asset for the banquet. Every little bit you sell helps out. We will be selling the usual three types of mulch: pine bark nugget, hardwood, and cedar. The mulch is 3 cubic feet bags. We sell our mulch 3 bags for $10 or $4 a bag. Compare our mulch prices and you'll see we're providing you with the best deal for bagged mulch. When you see ads for 4 bags of mulch for $10, you're getting smaller bags, so support the A-C FFA!
Zane Trace Leadership Night

The chapter was invited to attend the Zane Trace Leadership Night held on March 5. There were thirty-one Amanda-Clearcreek FFA members present. At the Leadership Night, we met new people, did an activity on teamwork, as well as enjoyed pizza purchased by the Zane Trace FFA. Those attending were: Heather Hines, Jenny Zaayer, June Spires, Sandy Larson, Brian Bussert, Megan Miller, Amanda Cassidy, Jeremy Tucker, Greg Wehrle, Joey Adkins, Holly Edwards, Micheal Hedrick, Michelle Ball, Cerene Kilbarger, Bob West, Carlos Del Angel, Tyler Shaw, Lindsay Lama, Emily Simon, Josh Behrens, C.J. Little, Samantha Reid, Alicia Owen, Alexa Stewart, Ashley Rodgers, Seth Matheny, Kelsey Johnston, Rachel Schnieder, Jamie Luck, Dani Sowers, and Tyler Cassidy.
Flower Bulb Sale

The flower bulb sale began on March 10th. For those who intend on going to camp I would encourage to sell flower bulbs. For every packet of bulbs you sell, half of the profit will go toward your camp cost. You can pay off the whole price of camp by just selling flower bulbs. Good luck selling!!
FFA Camp

FFA Camp is just around the corner. I would encourage anyone who has never attended as well as those who has attend to start planning for this excellent July activity. You will have a fun filled week of fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, and enjoying the high ropes courses, as well as many more other activities. Its a great chance to meet new people and get away from your normal summer rituals. And did I mention, the best part its less than $100.00 for a fun filled week that you could only have with the FFA?