By MattieGrace Hamilton, Reporter


Our next monthly FFA meeting will be held on April 18th at 7:00 P.M. in the Cafeteria at the High School. The Ag challenge for this meeting will be the volleyball tournament. Each grade level will choose students to represent them in the challenge. With the juniors in the lead the other grade levels need to step up and hope that the juniors with not take home another win.


Ag Breakfast: Ag Breakfast was held at Frisch’s in Lancaster on Thursday, March 3rd  at 6:15 A.M.

Contests: March 5th - The Ag Sales CDE contestants competed in the state level contest held at Marysville High School. This team consists of Lexie Kougher, Carlie Krile, Emma Dearth, and Hunter Lehman. The main goal of this contest is for each participant to be able to sell an Ag related item to a panel of  judges. This year the Ag Sales team sold apples to a judge hoping to receive the highest score as a team and place as high as they can against competing schools. The team placed 7th place overall . Emma Dearth lead the team’s score with placing 5th in the State individually! We are extremely proud of this team because this is the highest a team from our chapter has placed in this contest. This is also the highest an individual member has ever placed.


March 5th - The State Public Speaking CDE was held on March 5th. The A-C FFA chapter had 3 individuals that had qualified for the state contest. Josie Montoney participated in the Prepared Speaking category. In this category, the contestant was required to write a 6 to 8 minute speech on any Ag related topic and present it to a panel of judges. The judges then have 5 minutes to ask about the topic. Josie earned 1st place in her category. She will now move on to Nationals for her second time for Public Speaking. Kaci Morin participated in the Advanced FFA Creed category. In this category, the contestant is required to memorize the FFA Creed written by E.M. Tiffany. They will then need to present it to a panel of judges. The judges will have 5 minutes to ask questions. Kaci earned 2nd place in her category. Lastly, Jalynn Fausnaugh participated in the Beginning FFA Creed category. The contestant will also need to memorize the FFA Creed written by E.M. Tiffany. They will need to present it to a panel of judges. The judges then have 5 minutes as well to ask the contestant questions about the creed. Jalynn earned a  respectable 7th place in her category. Our Chapter is very pleased with the accomplishments these girls have received based on all of their hard work.

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March 15th the District Agricultural Mechanics Skills CDE team competed in this contest. This CDE tests the participants knowledge of the mechanical structures of equipment. The team consists of Cody Roark, Nelson Craycraft and Garrett Drake. Together Cody, Nelson, and Garrett placed 4th place. Individually, Nelson placed 5th in the District.


March 4th the District Agricultural Power Diagnostics CDE team competed in this contest. This CDE tests the students knowledge of finding issues with power equipment. The team consisted of Cody Roark and Tyler Hopper. Together Cody and Tyler earned 9th in the District. Congratulations to these two individuals for taking part in the contest.

  A g Breakfast: The next Ag Breakfast will be held at Frisch’s in Lancaster on Friday, April 1st at 6:15 A.M. We hope to see all of our FFA members there. Any member with an appetite as big or little as Mr.Sharp’s is welcome to come.

Young Leadership Conference: The Promising Young Leadership Conference is a day long conference at OSU Campus on April 1st where our members will speak to representatives about leadership. Our members will learn many characteristics a leader needs to have. This is a great experience for any member because of the skills that they can learn from the representatives and proceed to share them with their chapter.

Contests: The State Agronomy, Equine Management, General Livestock, Nature Interpretation, Poultry, and Wildlife Management CDE will be held on April 2nd at the Ohio Expo Center.

The contestants of the Agronomy team are Austin J. Smith, Maddie Helser, Riley McClure, and Sarah Doner. This contest tests the knowledge of crop and soil management of the participants.

The contestants of Equine Management are Joce Palombo, Cassie Brewer, Audra Reid, Katie Vickroy and Makalya Green. The Equine Management CDE tests the contestants knowledge of many subjects about equine and their management.

The members of General Livestock are James Smith, Tyler Frazier, Desirae Logsdon, Aubrey Meenach, Carlie Krile, Dustin Bresler and Cole Kleinline. This contests  tests the contestants skills and knowledge of livestock animals.

The contestants of the Wildlife Management CDE are Haley Bigham, Blair Farmer, Michael Montoney, Jesse Schooley, Josie Montoney, Bryson L’Huillier, Trent Holbrook and Billy L’Huillier. This contests tests the members knowledge of different animals and aspects of wildlife.

The Poultry CDE team members are Killian Lott, Colten Cope and Owen Dunlap. This contest tests the contestants abilities to know the poultry industry and the different aspects of poultry.  These members have been studying very hard to get the highest placing they can. We wish these teams the best of luck as they compete in these contests.

On April 11th, the District 7 Agricultural Communications CDE contest will be hosted at Amanda-Clearcreek. In this contest, 3 members write a script to communicate Agriculture. They can pick any Ag related topic and they will have to research that topic and find the best way to communicate this idea to judges. The team consists of Lexie Kougher, Sydney Stinson, and Kaci Morin.

On April 13th the Animal Health and Animal Management State CDE contest will be held. The participants of the Animal Health CDE are Bronowyn Cummings, Mikayla Hicks, Katie Vickroy, Sarah Doner and Blair Farmer. During this contest the participants are quizzed over various animals health. The participants of the Animal Management are Lexie Kougher, Mallory Seitz, Billy L’Huillier, Izzy Lytle and Bryson L’Huillier. The contestants will be tested over their knowledge of how animals are to be managed depending on the breed.

F FA Meeting: The monthly FFA meeting will be held on April 18th at 7:00 AM in the high school cafeteria. The Ag challenge will be the volleyball tournament.

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