By MattieGrace Hamilton, Reporter

“”My Grandfather used to say once in your life  you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher. But everyday. Three times a day. You need a farmer.”

-Brenda Schoepp


Hog Roast: The chapter’s annual hog roast was held on November 2nd at 7 PM. There was about 350 members and guests that attended the hog roast. We would like to thank Dwayne Vannoy for helping cook the hogs. Every year Mr. Vannoy helps cook the hogs for the chapter and we appreciate all he does for this event. State FFA Officers Josie Montoney, Ryan Matthews and Johnny Cottingim visited our chapter to fellowship with our members and their families. Having Josie back at her home chapter is always a privilege as she shares stories and adventures of her role as a Ohio State Officer. The chapter also had a very special guest that attended, Ron Hood. Ron Hood is a Republican Legislator in the Ohio House of Representatives. It was a privilege to have him at the Hog Roast to show him all that our chapter has to offer.

Job Interview: The District 7 Job Interview CDE was held on November 21st at Clear Fork Valley High School. Emma Dearth earned 1st place in the Junior Job Interview Division. Harrison Poor earned 1st place in the 1st year Junior/Senior Division. Both, Emma and Harrison, will be going to compete in the state competition on Saturday, December 3rd. Jullian Scott received 2nd place in the Freshman Job Interview Division, Ellie Sahr received 10th place in the Sophomore Job Interview Division and Jesse Schooley placed 8th in the Senior Job Interview Division.

State FFA Officer Leadership Night: The State FFA Officer Leadership Night was held on November 16th. There were 58 A-C FFA members that attended and 274 members total from 13 FFA chapters. Leadership night this year was lead by 5 of the 11 State FFA Officers, where they lead a large group workshop. The state officers led the workshop to inspire the members to use the potential that they have to be a leader.

Holiday Food Drive Drop Off:  The Holiday Food Drive drop off was held on November 21st. The members of the chapter dropped bags off at the door step of homes in Amanda and Stoutsville. The bag pick up was on November 29th. The bags contained goods for people in need in our community. The food was organized and taken to the Amanda Fire Department.

Ag Breakfast: Ag Breakfast will be held on December 2nd at Frisch’s in Lancaster at 6:15 AM.

FFA Meeting: The monthly FFA Meeting is will be held on December 19th in the Ag Center at 7 PM. The Ag Challenge will be the Feed Bag hold. One person from each grade level will hold a feed sack up in the air with one arm. The goal is to be able to hold the bag up the longest.

Job Interview CDE: The qualifying members from the Job Interview CDE will be competing in the state competition on Saturday, December 3rd. The members that qualified from the chapter are Emma Dearth and Harrison Poor. Participants in the Job Interview CDE submit a resume, complete a job application and participate in mock job interviews with a panel of possible employers. After the interview, the contestants then complete a follow-up letter. Good luck to both Emma and Harrison. We know they will both succeed in this competition. We would like to thank A-C FFA Alumni member Crystal Groves for coaching this CDE again this year. Since Mrs. Groves has started working with this CDE, we have had two students win the state in their respective divisions and one member win the overall competition.

Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE:  The Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE team will compete in the Novice contest on December 5th at Danville H.S.. The members of the team are: Brooke Harvey, Jullian Scott, Trevor Spence, Jake Shamblin, Aaron Sharp, Sydney Sharp and Allie Poston. The Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE challenges first-year members to perform the official FFA opening ceremonies, run an efficient chapter meeting, and engage in a group discussion. This CDE develops public speaking, memorization, and problem solving skills. It often serves as an introductory competition for Greenhand FFA members.

Columbus Zoo Trip :  The Columbus Zoo Trip will be held on December 21st. To have qualified to go on the Zoo Trip, the members must have sold 10 or more boxes of fruit. The members will head to the Zoo right after school and will be able to walk around and look at all the animals and the lights.

Fruit Pick Up :   The fruit pick up will be on December 5th, 6th and 7th after school. Make sure the members bring their receipt books so that they can get all the orders correctly. Fruit should be delivered soon after it is picked up so that the customers receive their fruit on time.

Christmas Break :  Christmas break will be from December 22nd through January 2nd. There will be an early release on December 21st to start off the Christmas break. We hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas break. Merry Christmas!

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Students are reminded to work on their SAE projects throughout the year and keep track of their activities on AET.  Records will be checked so it’s important to keep them up to date! Members are required to have 20 AET entries for each month. This is always crucial for State FFA Degrees and Proficiency Awards.

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