By MattieGrace Hamilton, Reporter

“”Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role- always about the goal.”



Columbus Zoo Trip : The chapter took many members to the Columbus Zoo Lights on December 21st. The members were eligible to go if they sold 10 boxes and or baskets of fruit during the fruit sale. There were 33 members that attended.

Fruit Wrap Up : Many of the members sold fruit this year. The top fruit sellers were Tanner Bennett, Carlie Krile and Mason Lindsey. The chapter would like to thank the members for selling the fruit and the customers for purchasing. The fruit sale provides the chapter will the money that it needs to continue to do the trips and activities that the members enjoy.

State Job Interview: The State Job Interview CDE was held on December 3rd. Emma Dearth and Harrison Poor participated in this CDE at the State level. Emma Dearth placed 4th in the State in the Junior Job Interview Division. Harrison Poor earned a respectable 4th in the State in the First Year Junior/Senior Division. Our chapter is very proud of these 2 individuals for representing our chapter so well.

Ag Breakfast: Ag Breakfast will be held on January 13th at Frisch’s in Lancaster at 6:15 AM.

FFA Meeting: The monthly FFA Meeting was held on January 17th in the Cafetorium at 7 PM. Members who have earned their Greenhand Degree and their Chapter Degree will be receiving their degrees at this meeting. This year we had 39 Members received their Greenhand FFA Degrees and 14 earned their Chapter FFA Degrees. Congratulations A-C FFA members! The Ag Challenge will be marshmallow stuffing. In this ag challenge, one male and one female from each grade level will be chosen. The teams will then one-by-one stuff a marshmallow into the other team members mouth. The grade level that gets the most stuffed in their mouth wins!

District Ag Communications: The District 7 Agricultural Communications CDE is January 24th held here at A-C. The team consisting of Lexie Kougher, Kaci Morin, Blair Farmer and Noah Smith will be fighting for another win! The team is required to give a 15 minute presentation followed up by five minutes of questions. Before the actual contest date a Media Plan was due to assess the team’s presentation topic. We wish you the best A-C FFA members!

Officer Books : The offices of Secretary, Reporter and Treasurer have to complete Officer Books each year and submit them into evaluation. The Secretary is required to have a complete list of Attendance for all members, minutes of all FFA meetings, agendas, as well as correspondence. The Reporter puts together a Reporter Scrapbook over the past year. The scrapbook includes news releases, newsletters, brochures from trips the chapter takes and photos with captions. The Treasurer’s Book consists of all the chapter’s spendings and financial records. The 2016-2017 Secretary is Mallory Seitz, Reporter is MattieGrace Hamilton and the Treasurer is Emma Dearth. Our officers are already hard at work and almost done completing their books! The books will be evaluated February 6th. We are so proud of you, A-C FFA Officers!

Proficiency Awards :Proficiency awards are based upon a member's Supervised Agricultural Experience Project(s). Applicants must complete and submit their project books and a detailed application. Project books are evaluated for accuracy and neatness while the applications are also evaluated for these factors plus numerous others such as the description of skills learned, supporting pictures, etc. Currently each February, applications are reviewed for accuracy at the District level and submitted to the State level for further evaluation and placing. Those applicants deemed to be in the top few (generally the top four) in the state in their respective area are then interviewed. From these final applicants, three are then selected as the top three in the state, receiving their final placing and award plaques at the State FFA Convention in May.

Ag Power Diagnostics: The Ag Power Diagnostics CDE will be held on February 4th.  The Tractor Troubleshooting Contest tests a team's ability to find problems on a tractor. The contest consisted of a test and between 3 and 6 tractors that have 2 problems each. A team must be first or second in the district to proceed to the state level.   Community member, Derrick Cooper, will be coaching the team this year as well as choosing the team for 2017!

State Ag Communications: State Ag Comm will be held on February 11th at the Ohio State University. If the team placed first or second at the District level, they will advance to the State contest! The Agricultural Communications Contest tests student knowledge and understanding of the various forms of communication within the industry of agriculture. It is a great contest for members to participate in if they wish to have a future in the Agricultural Industry.

Spring Skills CDEs: The upcoming CDEs are as follows: Ag Sales, Public Speaking, Ag Power Diagnostics, Nature Interpretation, Wildlife, Poultry, General Livestock, Agronomy, Equine Management, Animal Management, Veterinary Science, Aquarium Management, Cooperative Education, Outdoor Power Equipment, Ag Issues Forum, Dairy Cattle, and Environmental Natural Resources (ENR). If any A-C FFA Members is interested in any of these CDEs, please come talk to an Advisor! Practices for these CDEs will be starting very soon, so watch your remind text messages from Mr. Tilley for more information!

FFA Meeting: The next FFA Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 21st at 7 PM in the Ag Center. This meeting will be Officer Elections, so please be prepared to stay a little longer! The Ag Challenge will be a Scavenger Hunt.

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Students are reminded to work on their SAE projects throughout the year and keep track of their activities on AET.  Records will be checked so it’s important to keep them up to date! Members are required to have 20 AET entries for each month. This is always crucial for State FFA Degrees and Proficiency Awards.