Amanda-Clearcreek FFA

  April News

by Allie Poston, 2018-2019 Reporter

Next FFA Meeting

The next FFA meeting will take place on Monday, May 21st at 7:00 P.M. in the Ag Center. This will be the annual chapter cookout. Please come and enjoy a good time and free food to wrap up the last meeting of the school year.  

Upcoming Events

Ag Breakfast: The April Ag. Breakfast will take place on Friday, April 6th at 6:15 A.M. at at a location to be decided at the March meeting. All members are welcomed to attend enjoy good fellowship and a good meal.

Mulch Sale: The A-C FFA Chapter’s mulch sale is in full swing. We encourage all members to sell mulch and would like to remind everyone that the top 15 members who sell 250 bags of mulch, or more, are eligible to attend the annual Top Spring Fund Raiser’s Camping Trip.

Past Happenings

Ag Breakfast: The March Ag. Breakfast took place on Thursday, March 1st at 6:15 A.M. at Frisch’s. All members were invited to attend and enjoy a good breakfast!

District 7 Officer Training: On March 7th, the newly elected A-C FFA Officers and their assistants traveled to Fairfield Union H.S. to attend the District 7 Officer Training. The officers and their assistants learned more about leadership and how to better perform the duties of their office.

The Officers and Assistants at the District 7

Officer Training.

Upcoming Contests

State ENR CDE: On April 13th, the team consisting of Timothy Smith, Jules White, Cade L’Huillier and Trevor Spence will compete at the State Environmental Natural Resources Contest held at Zane State University. In order to be able to be eligible for this contest a chapter must have at least one team place in the top five in the state for the Forestry, Soil Judging, Nature Interpretation or Wildlife Management contests. Our chapter qualified in two of those contests with respectable 5th place placings in the Forestry and Nature Interpretation contests this school year. Good luck to the team as they compete.

State Veterinary Science CDE: On April 18, Cierra Andrews and Mikayla Hicks will compete at the State Veterinary Science CDE held at the Ohio State Fair and Expo. They earned the right to compete at this contest due to their online test scores, as they were both in the top 150 in the state. Good luck and congratulations to those members for qualifying to compete at this level!

State Animal Management CDE: Also on April 18th, Tanner Bennett, Bryson L’Huillier, and Emily Woida will be competing in the State Animal Management CDE at the Ohio State Fair and Expo. This contest will provide members with the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills associated with companion animals in the pet industry. They also placed in the top 150 with their test scores. Good luck to this team!

State General Livestock: On April 27th, the team consisting of Cole Kleinline, Lara Peters, Allie Poston and Cole Bryan will be judging livestock at the State Finals for this competition. This is the first time we have had a team do this since the current system has been put into place. Congratulations to the team for making it this far and good luck to them at the upcoming contest!

State Agricultural Issues Forum CDE: On April 28th, the Ag Issues Forum team consisting of Kaylee Sharp, Allie Poston, Ellie Sahr, Kyle Hicks and Jay Sahr will compete at their state contest held at the Ohio State University. This contest requires the team to deliver an approximately 15 minute presentation about an agriculturally related topic to a panel of judges and then to answer 7 minutes of questions. Good luck to the team as they compete at state.

Meats Judging CDE: The Meats Judging team, consisting of Sarah Doner, Savannah Carruthers, Cort Kleinline, Paige Hinton and Allie Poston will compete at their state contest on April 28. This contest requires members to rank various carcasses based on their meat quality and then to identify cuts of meat from beef, pork, and lamb animals. Good luck to the team as they compete.

Past Contests

State Public Speaking CDE: On March 3rd, our A-C FFA public speakers travelled to the Marysville High School where they competed in the State Public Speaking CDE. The top two contestants from each of the ten districts compete at the state level in their respective category, this means there will be twenty contestants in each category. The state semi-final round is broken into two heats of ten 10 each and the top 2 in each room come back to compete for the final 4 spots in each category. Morgan Anderson placed 1st in the state of Ohio for Creed. Allie Poston placed 1st in the state in the Beginning Prepared Speaking category.  Emma Dearth placed 2nd in the state in the Senior Prepared speaking category. Lara Peters placed 2nd in the state in the Advanced Creed Category. Finally Aaron Sharp placed 3rd in the state in the Extemporaneous Speaking Category. Just to make it to the state contest is a huge accomplishment, but to have all 5 members place in the top 4 in the state is unheard of. Congratulations to these outstanding Amanda-Clearcreek FFA public speakers and all of their hard work!

State Agricultural Sales CDE: On March 3rd, our Ag Sales team competed at their state contest held at the Marysville High School. The team consisting of Savannah Carruthers, Ellie Sahr, Abbie Stats and Hunter Teagardner placed 14th in the state. Good job team!

Marysville Invitational: On March 3rd our Agronomy, General Livestock, Poultry, Meats Evaluation, Equine Management, Nature Interpretation, and Wildlife Management teams competed at the Marysville Invitational. This was a great way for the teams to get a feel for competing before the actual state contest.

District Ag Mechanics Skills CDE: On March 15th, the team consisting of Garrett Drake, Kyle Hicks, and Curtis Butterbaugh travelled to the Teays Valley High School to compete against other FFA members doing this contest within District 7. Congratulations to the team for placing 4th in the district.

Ashland Invitational: On March 17th, our Agronomy, General Livestock, Poultry, Meats Evaluation, Equine Management, Nature Interpretation, and Wildlife Management teams competed at the Ashland Invitational. This was the last opportunity for members to compete before the state contest. Congratulations to all teams for representing the chapter well.

State Spring Skills CDE’s: On March 24th the Agronomy, Equine Management, General Livestock, Nature Interpretation, Poultry, and Wildlife Management teams competed at their state contests held at the Ohio State Fair and Expo Center.

The General Livestock team, consisting of Allie Poston, Cole Kleinline, Lara Peters, and Cole Bryan placed 10th in the state preliminaries which earns them the right to compete at the state finals later this month. This is the first time we have had a team qualify for the finals since the current system has been put into place. Also congratulations to Allie Poston for being 5th high individual out of 980 FFA members. Thanks to former FFA members James Smith and Kevin Strickler and A-C FFA Alumni member Christian Hoffman for working with this team. Good luck at the State Finals in April!

The Poultry team, consisting of Cierra Andrews, Jay Sahr, Stephanie Bowers, Quintin Lott, and Allison Cramer placed 11th in the state preliminaries. A big thank you to Jeff Sweeney for coaching this team. Since this team is so young and they missed qualifying for the finals by just one place, we have high hopes for this group next year.

The Equine Management team, consisting of Audra Reid, Harley Poling, Cassie Brewer and Aurora Queen placed 13th in the state preliminaries. The top 10 teams advance to the finals so they were very close. Thank you to Gail Ellinger of Punky’s Tack & Feed for coaching the Equine team again this year.

The Agronomy team, consisting of Riley McClure, Emmalee McGee, Kristian Lobo, and Alison Eveland placed a respectable 8th in the State. A BIG thanks to Auggie Smith and Bob McClure for working with this team.

The Nature Interpretation team, consisting of Trevor Spence, Bryson L’Huillier, Jules White, Garrett Drake, and Hunter Hughes placed 5th in the state contest. This is the 13th straight year we have had a Nature Interpretation team in the top 10 in the State!

Finally, the Wildlife Management team, consisting of Ruth McKnight, Timothy Smith, Cade L’Huillier, and Tyler Poling placed 11th in the state contest. Congratulations to all of the teams for representing the chapter well once again!