For December of 2018

by Allie Poston, Reporter

Next FFA Meeting

                 The next monthly ag meeting will be on Monday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the Ag Center. The ag challenge for this meeting will be the feed bag hold! There will be one girl and one boy to represent each grade. The girls will hold a 40 pound feed bag, and the boys will hold a 50 pound bag.

Upcoming Events

State Job Interview: Recently, our chapter sent five members to compete in the Job Interview District contest at Clear Fork Valley High School. Sara Sharp competed in the Freshmen division, where she placed 1st; Morgan Anderson competed in the Sophomore division, where she placed 1st; Allie Poston competed in the Junior division, where she placed 3rd; Ellie Sahr competed in the Senior division where she placed 1st; and Kiley Holbrook competed in the first year Junior/ Senior division where she placed 1st. In each division, only the first place individual advances to the state level, therefore Sara, Morgan, Ellie and Kiley will be traveling to OSU on December 1st to represent District 7 at the State Level! This contest requires students to write a cover letter and resume, fill out an application, go in for an interview, and then write a follow up letter. Congratulations to all of these members for their placing, and good luck to the members advancing to the state contest!

Ag Breakfast: This months Ag Breakfast will be held on December 7th at 6:15 AM at Frisch’s. As always, all members are invited to attend, bring their families, and enjoy a good breakfast!

Fruit & Snack Sale: We would like to thank everyone for a successful fruit & snack sale and for supporting the FFA through buying our products! The fruit/snack pick-up dates are December 10th. 11th & 12th.

Columbus Zoo Trip: The Columbus Zoo Trip will take place on Friday, December 14th for all FFA members who sold 10 or more boxes or baskets of fruit. Members who are attending the trip to go see the lights at the zoo will be leaving school on Friday, and will not be returning back until approximately 11:30 P.M. Members will need to bring food and dress according to the weather.

Past Happenings

Ag Breakfast: The last monthly Ag Breakfast was held on November 2nd at Frisch’s. As always, it was a fantastic opportunity for members to get to know each other better over good food.

Annual Chapter Hog Roast: On November 7th, our chapter held its annual hog roast. The hog roast is a great event for not only FFA members, but also for their families and all community supporters. As in years past, there was a large attendance with over 300 people!

Holiday Food Drive: Our chapter recently concluded our holiday food drive. The chapter works with the Chelsea Hedrick’s Food Drive, who has collected hundreds of pounds of food for local families in need. This event is a great opportunity for FFA members and families in the community to help make a difference in their hometown.

State FFA Officer Leadership Night: On November 14th, our school hosted the State FFA Officer Leadership Night. Our chapter has hosted this event for many years now, and we are the only school in our district and in Central Ohio to hold this event. The state officers held fantastic sessions where members learned how to set achievable goals and how to become better leaders. We are proud to say that this State Officer Leadership Night was another success and hosted approximately 250 FFA students from all over the central Ohio!