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February of 2018

by Cole Kleinline, Reporter

Next FFA Meeting

The next A-C FFA meeting for this school year will take place on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00 P.M. in the Ag Center. This is one of the most important meetings of the year as we will be electing the 2018-2019 Officer Team. So, please try to schedule it so  you can attend this meeting! The Ag Challenge for this meeting will be the Scavenger Hunt. With this challenge, classes can have as many participants as they want but must have a designated who will take items to the judge.

Upcoming Events

Ag Breakfast: The February Ag. Breakfast will take place on Friday, February 2nd at 6:15 A.M. at Frisch's in Lancaster.

Top Fall Fund Raiser's Trip: From February 16th to the 18th, members who sold the most flower bulbs and members who sold at least 25 boxes/baskets of fruit will be going on the Top Fall Fundraiser’s Trip to Louisville, Kentucky. They will attend the National Farm Machinery Show, Truck and Tractor Pulls, as well as attending multiple tours. These tours include the Cincinnati History Museum along with Tour Underground Railroad Museum or visiting the University of Kentucky.


Ag Power Diagnostics: This CDE serves as an authentic assessment designed to evaluate students’ knowledge in recognizing and repairing malfunctions in agricultural and/or industrial power equipment. This year Curtis Butterbaugh, Kyle Hicks, and Dawson Mullen are preparing for this CDE. They will have to compete against each other to have a two person team. Their coach is Derrick Cooper. Their District 7 contest is on February 10th.

Ag Sales: With this CDE, students will save the opportunity to demonstrate skills in sales by participating in a wide range of activities oriented around the total sales process. Team members will be chosen soon. Their online test is on February 7th and district 7 Ag Sales CDE is held at Amanda-Clearcreek at 3:00 P.M. on February 14th.

Ag Communications: The Ag Communications CDE that prepares students for careers in journalism, radio and television broadcast, web design, marketing, and more. This CDE excites and inspires students to develop basic skills relevant to the agricultural communications industry. It equips students with strong communication skills and develop the ability to work collaboratively to effectively communicate and advocate for the agriculture industry. This year our team consists of Paige Hinton, Emma Dearth, Aaron Sharp, and Noah Smith. Their State contest in at OSU on February 10th. The team recently won the District 7 competition.

Public Speaking: This year Morgan Anderson will be representing our chapter in speaking the FFA Creed. For Advanced Creed Speaking, Lara Peters will be representing our chapter. Allie Poston will be representing our chapter in Beginning Prepared. For Senior Prepared, Emma Dearth will be representing our chapter. In Extemporaneous Speaking, Aaron Sharp will be speaking for our chapter. Each speaker has their own set of rules for their individual competition. Every one of the these competitions has their own set of difficulties to face but all of them gives each student participating better speaking skills. District 7 Public Speaking CDE is held at Amanda-Clearcreek at 3:00 P.M. on February 14th.

State Greenhand Quiz: What this CDE does for competitors is increases their basic knowledge about their organization and its’ operations. It also keeps FFA members current with the happenings in their organization along with providing students with another incentive to participate in a competency-based activity. Lastly it also provides instructors with another educational awards program to offer their students. The initial meeting for interested freshmen has occurred and the online exam is on February 28th.

Ag Mechanics Engineering: In this CDE students will perform mechanical skills necessary to pursue career opportunities in the agricultural industry. They will learn and apply technical knowledge and skills related to electrical and hydraulic systems and metallurgy in relation to hot and cold metals. Additionally, students will apply skill components of metal fabrication applicable to the agricultural industry. Throughout the competition, students will learn critical site and personal safety as well as communication and leadership skills. Our team this year consists of Devon Justice, Riley McClure, and Hunter Teagardner. If they are picked they will go to state against various other chapter teams and will be building a fire pit for this years competition.

More Upcoming CDEs: There are many CDEs coming up in the next few months Students should watch for the Remind texts telling them of the initial meetings for each CDE. Upcoming CDEs include: Agronomy, Animal Management, Veterinary Science, Equine Management, General Livestock, Dairy Cattle, Wildlife Management, Nature Interpretation, Poultry Judging and Meat Judging.

Past Happenings

Ag Breakfast: The January Ag. Breakfast took place on Friday, January 13th at 6:15 A.M. at Frisch's in Lancaster.

Greenhand FFA Degree Ceremony: On the January 18th  during our January FFA meeting, our chapter held the Greenhand FFA Degree Ceremony. During this ceremony 44 members received their Greenhand FFA Degree. These members include: Paige Alford, Morgan Anderson, Brandon Binkley, Jarod Black, Brandon Bosch, Stephanie Bowers, Cole Bryan, Lexi Carruthers, Trinity Colopy, Tyler Conrad, Jaiden Cullins, Sydney Dunn, Drew Evans, Abbigail Garee, Sara Hayes, Xeke Hoffman, Olivia Hutchison, Addison Icenhour, Logann Julian, Tressa Kuhn, Sophia Mazgay, Chloe McClure, Diamond Meade, Courtney Metzon, Dawson Mullen, Jay Sahr, Jason Saxour, Savannah Schoenberger, Kaylee Sharp, Emalee Slone, Timothy Smith, Morgan Stalder, Dalton Stump, Abbie Stats, Abby Tooill, Dorothea West, Jules White, Mitchell Whitehead, Emily Woida, Abby Workman, Ashley Yeager, Quintin Lott, and Eli Saum.

Chapter FFA Degree Ceremony: On the January 18th during our January FFA meeting, our chapter held the Chapter FFA Degree Ceremony. During this ceremony 28 members received their Chapter FFA Degree, these members include: Cierra Andrews, Tanner Bennett, Katelyn Connell, Garrett Dearth, Forrest Doersam, Dani Drum, Peyton Euliss, Brooke Harvey, Kyle Hicks, Triston Hill, Paige Hinton, Denver Hizey, Hunter Hughes, Cort Kleinline, Bailey Knox, Cade L’Huillier, Emmalee McGee, Jordan Meade, Trent Palombo, Harley Poling, Allie Poston, Jullian Scott, Jacob Shamblin, Aaron Sharp, Sydney Sharp, Trevor Spence, Abby Tooill, and Seth Turner.

2018-2019 Officer Team:Those sophomores or juniors who have received their Chapter FFA Degree and who are planning on returning to A-C for the 2018-2019 are eligible to run for a chapter officer position. The officer application is currently available and can be found on our chapter website.