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January 2021

by Audrey Butterbaugh, Reporter

Next FFA Meeting

The next monthly FFA meeting will be Monday, January 25th at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will be held in the high school cafeteria, and both the Greenhand Degree and Chapter Degree ceremonies will take place.

Upcoming Events

Proficiency Awards: Some A-C FFA members are currently beginning to fill out proficiency award applications. To be eligible, their SAE project must be ag related. They must then fill out a strenuous application and turn in their completed project book(s) and general record book. These will be judged in the district and the top four in each category will continue on to the state. Members who make it to the state will then have to complete a project board and an interview at the Ohio State FFA Convention in the spring. This takes a lot of dedication and is a very impressive accomplishment for a member’s proficiency award to be in the top four in the state. Good luck to these members!

Officer Books: Three of our chapter officers are currently preparing their officer books to be judged in early February. Olivia Hutchison is completing the Secretary’s book, which consists of all the chapter correspondence, meeting notes, members’ attendance, etc. Sara Sharp is completing the Treasurer’s book, which contains all of receipts and disbursements that our chapter completes throughout the year. Audrey Butterbaugh is completing the Reporter’s book, which has pictures from the chapters various activities, newsletters, news releases, etc. All of these books require a tremendous amount of effort, and we are looking forward to seeing how the officers’ books do at evaluations.

State and American Degrees: All of the applications for State and American FFA degrees are due Wednesday, January 13th. To qualify for either of these two degrees is a huge accomplishment, for they require a lot of effort on the member’s part.


Job Interview CDE: On December 5th, the chapter had two members compete in the State Job Interview Career Development Event. After advancing out of the district contest, both Sara Sharp, who competed in the Junior division, and Kaylee Sharp, who competed in the Senior division, were able to represent District 7 at the state level in their respective divisions. This contest requires students to write a cover letter and resume, fill out an application, go in for an interview, and then write a follow-up letter. At the state contest, Sara placed second in the state in the Junior division. Kaylee placed fourth in the state in the Senior division. Congratulations to each of these members for their placing!

Parliamentary Procedure CDE: With the advent of winter, it is time for Parliamentary Procedure, and our chapter has a team for the Advanced CDE this year. The six-member team of the Advanced Parliamentary Procedure contest, consisting of a chair, a secretary, and four members, must conduct the new business section of a meeting in 12 minutes. The Advanced CDE team this year consists of Emily Buckley, Morgan Cowdrey, Autumn Parry, Hannah Saum, Josie Speakman, and Alex Williams. The team must correctly display acts and rules of parliamentary law and manage motions correctly while they are on the floor. The County Parliamentary Procedure CDE contest was held on November 10th with districts to follow for qualifying teams on December 2nd. At the district contest, the Advanced Parliamentary Procedure team placed second. Advancing to the state contest, the team competed on December 16th where they placed eighth overall in the state of Ohio. Congratulations to these members for doing so well at the district and state contest!

Agricultural Communications CDE: This year, the Ag Communications CDE consists of an editing exercise, communications quiz, a media plan. In addition, the team must complete practicums such as web design, video production, press release, and a blog post. The online test for this CDE will take place on January 20th, and the state contest will be held on February 13th. The Agricultural Communications CDE team consists of Allie Buckner, Eian McKnight, Autumn Parry, and Karlee Parry.

Agricultural Sales CDE: This contest includes a multiple-choice general knowledge test, a sales demonstration, and multiple practicums. The chapter run-off for the Ag Sales CDE will be held the first week of January. The Ag Sales state online test will be held on January 26th.

Past Happenings

Columbus Zoo Lights Trip: On December 18th, our chapter took more than 25 members on a trip to the Columbus Zoo to see the zoo lights. The members who went on this trip earned the opportunity after selling at least 10 boxes or baskets of items during the Fall Fruit & Snack Sale.

A-C FFA members before entering the Columbus Zoo to enjoy a night looking at the Zoo Lights.

Thank you to all who purchased fruit/snacks from the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA in 2020!