Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Newsletter

Inspirational Quote: “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted”

                                                                ~David Bly

By: Autumn Parry, A-C FFA Reporter

Recap of the Month of June

Top Spring Fundraiser’s Trip: From May 31st to June 2nd students who sold more than 250 bags of mulch went to West Virginia to attend the top spring fundraiser trips. The students went wild caving at Lost World Caverns and took a few other tours.

Ag Breakfast: The June Ag Breakfast was held on the 3rd at the Village Cafe in Laurelville at 8:00 am. Students gathered for good food and fellowship.

A-C Alumni Awards Night: On June 4th, the A-C alumni organization hosted the alumni awards night to recognize the A-C Alumni scholarship winners. The chapter helped set-up tables for the awards night. This was a great volunteer opportunity for members!

Officer Retreat: On June 15th-17th the officer team and assistants went to West Virginia in order to discuss and plan the future of the chapter. They also took part in team bonding activities like white water rafting.

A-C Alumni Thad Davis 5k Run/Walk: On June 18th, the annual A-C Alumni Thad Davis 5k Run/Walk was held. This is an event that the chapter has helped with since its inception. Students volunteered to help run the event and without their help, the 5k wouldn't have been possible. Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered their time!

Ohio Leadership Camp: On June 24th- 27th, 2 students had the chance to go to Camp Muskingum for a leadership camp. This was a great opportunity for students to meet new people and enhance their leadership skills to better prepare them for the future. Congratulations to Karlee Parry and Makayla Foster who represented our chapter so well!

Recap of the Month of July:

Summer FFA Camp: July 11th through the 15th students went to Camp Muskingum for the 5th session of FFA camp. This was a unique opportunity for students to meet other FFA members and to be able to experience new things such as practicing archery, motor-boating, shoot rifles and so much more!

Ag Breakfast: The July Ag breakfast was held on the 22nd at Goodwin’s in Circleville at 8:00 am. Students gathered for good food and fellowship.

Summer Canoe/Kayak Trip: The summer canoe trip was held on July 22nd. Students were able to go canoeing with their chapter and earn summer activity points.

Summer Trap Shoot: On July 25th, the summer trap shoot was held at Mr. Sharp's house. Students had the opportunity to bring their own ammo and guns to participate in shooting clay pigeons. Hot dogs and chips were provided by the chapter. The A-C FFA would like to thank the A-C FFA Alumni for writing a grant to the NRA to get new trap throwers. The NRA grant not only provided two new trap throwers for the FFA to use but also provided funds to buy clay pigeons for this and upcoming trap shoots so students no longer have to pay for pigeons. A BIG THANKS to the National Rifle Association for the support of this educational opportunity.

Washington Leadership Conference: On July 26th through July 31st Riley McKeska and Josie Speakman attended the WLC in Washington D.C., interacting with FFA members from around the country. They toured Washington D.C., worked on leadership activities and performed community service while there. This was such a great opportunity for these two girls. Way to represent your chapter!

Both Riley and Josie won a Memorial Award from the chapter, which pays for this trip. These two awards are given in memory of Rusty Bowers and Becky Strickler, two past members who were lost to us in accidents in their youth.

Recap of the Month of August:

Ag Breakfast: On August 5th ag breakfast was held at Bob Evans in Circleville at 8:00 am. Students gathered for good food and fellowship.

Cross Mound Cleanup: On August 5th students volunteered to clean up the Cross Mound park. This was a great event that allowed students to earn community service hours.

Pelotonia: On August 5th students volunteered to help set up the annual Pelotonia Bike race. Pelotonia raises money for cancer research. The A-C FFA has been working with Pelotonia since its inception.

First Day Of School: The first day of school for the 2022-2023 school year was August 16th. The Chapter hopes everyone had a great first day of school and that they continue to work hard throughout the school year!

Monthly FFA Meeting: The first monthly meeting of the year was held on August 22nd in the ag shop. The offices discussed the upcoming events for September. Afterwards, the hay bale toss ag challenge took place. Congratulations to the Juniors for winning!

Upcoming Events in September:

Ag Breakfast: On September 2nd the first ag breakfast of the school year will be held at Friches at 6:00am. Students are encouraged to go to eat good food and participate in fellowship.

Ice Cream Social/Monthly Ag meeting: On September 19th the annual ice cream social will be held for freshman and first years. This is a great event for students to learn about FFA and how they can become an active member. This event starts at 5:45 and directly following will be the monthly ag meeting in the cafetorium. The ag challenge for this meeting will be scavenger hunt.

Farm Science Review: On September 22nd, the annual farm science review will be held at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center. Students can go and learn about machinery, plants and animals.

Upcoming CDE’s:

Forestry Invitationals: On September 13th the Knox County Forest Invitational will be held. On September 15 the Fairfield County Forestry Invitational will be held. These are both great events for students who are participating in the forestry CDE. The invitational will allow the students to see what the state competition will be like and better prepare them for victory.

Forestry State Online Exam: On September 20 students on the forestry team will take the state online exam. This exam will help determine placings for the state contest.

State Forestry CDE: On September 24 students will participate in the state forestry CDE. Members will identify 25 different types of tree specimens, 20 pieces of equipment and take part in timber cruising. They will then each complete one out of the three practicums offered: Map reading, compass reading and tree products. All of these events along with their online exam will be added up and scored.

Final Thoughts:

Welcome back everyone! It's the start of a brand new school year and that means new activities and opportunities. I encourage all of you to branch out and meet people as well as participate in something new. We have plenty of things to do this school year and a lot of CDE banners to go win. So, get out there and do something good for yourself, your community and your chapter. If you want your name up on that wall, start preparing now for the respective CDE. Also, keep an eye out for national convention papers. It's a really fun and exciting trip and you don’t want to miss it. Keep your grades up and have fun. Let's have a great year A-C FFA!


 AC-FFA members helping out with the

                                                         annual Cross Mound clean-up. They        

           helped paint and pick up garbage.                


AC-FFA members volunteering at

the annual Pelotonia bike race.

AC-FFA members attending the 5th

  session of camp. Members participated

in activities such as motorboating and