6th Grade Camp

In past years, the Amanda-Clearcreek Elementary held a 6th Grade Camp for 6th graders in which the FFA had members help with various activities. This activity was discontinued in the early 2000's and starting in 2008, was resumed in a new format by the Amanda-Clearcreek Middle School 6th grade teachers. At the 6th grade camp, the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Officer team helped the camp staff at FFA Camp Muskingum with the various activities held for the A-C 6th graders. At the camp, the 6th graders did many activities that helped to develop their leadership and team building activities with the A-C FFA officer team participating and supervising the activities. Some examples of these activities are: making a rope bridge, learning about reptiles and owls, and building a device to keep an egg from breaking forma fall off of a 2nd story porch. Also, the 6th graders went on a night hike after sitting around the camp fire where they heard stories and sang songs. This was an overnight activity.