What are ProficiencyAwards?

Proficiency awards are based upon amember's Supervised Agricultural Experience Project(s). Applicantsmust complete and submit their project books and a detailedapplication. Project books are evaluated for accuracy and neatnesswhile the applications are also evaluated for these factors plusnumerous others such as the description of skills learned, supportingpictures, etc. Currently each February, applications are reviewed foraccuracy at the District level and submitted to the State level forfurther evaluation and placing. Those applicants deemed to be in thetop few (generally the top four) in the state in their respectivearea are then interviewed. From these final applicants, three arethen selected as the top three in the state, receiving their finalplacing and award plaques at the State FFA Convention in May.

Award areas keep changing as sponsorshipschange, so proficiency awards earned by chapter members are arrangedby the year in which the members received their recognition and notby category.