Environmental Science Class Site

1st Grading Period

Introduction to Environmental Science Notes

*Intro to Environmental Science Quiz*

Forestry Notes

*Forestry Quiz #1* *Forestry Quiz #2* *Forestry Quiz #3*

Farmland vs. Forests Article

Tree I.D. Method Notes

*Tree I.D. Methods Quiz*

Maples Notes

*Maples Quiz*

Oak Notes

*Oaks Quiz*

Nut-Bearing Trees Notes

*Nut-Bearing Trees Quiz*

Berry-Producing Trees Notes

*Berry-Producing Trees Quiz*

Evergreen Tree Notes

*Evergreen Tree Quiz*

Compound Leaf Trees Notes

Miscellaneous Tree Notes

*Miscellaneous Tree Quiz*

Foresty Products Notes

*Forest Products Quiz*

*Forestry Unit Test Part #1* *Forestry Unit Test Part #2*

Links for 1st Grading Period

What Tree is it?

Virginia Tech University Dendrology Search

North Carolina State University Tree Information Sheets

American Hardwood Information Center Species Guide

Trees of North Woods

A Basic Guide to Tree Identification - many links

Backyard Tree Identification Guide

2nd Grading Period

Human Population Notes

Child Brides Article

*Population Quiz #1* *Population Quiz #2*

7 Billion Article

Global Food Security Index

Shrinking Country Article

UN Issues 'Final Wake-up Call' on Population and Environment Article

*Human Population Test*

Ecosystem Management Notes

*Ecosystem Management Quiz*

Ecological Succession Notes

*Ecological Succession Quiz*

Understanding Ecology Notes

*Ecology Quiz #1* *Ecology Quiz #2*

*Semester Exam*

3rd Grading Period

Air Pollution Notes

*Air Pollution Quiz #1* *Air Pollution Quiz #2* * *Air Pollution Quiz #3*

Air Pollution near Schools

Pollution from a cow? Article

No Global Warming Article

2010 World's Warmest Year

Ozone Depletion Notes

*Ozone Depletion Quiz*

Vanishing Amphibians Article

Global Warming? Notes

*Global Warming Quiz #1* *Global Warming Quiz #2*

TIME Magazine's Global Warming Photos

Climate Conference Article

Glaciers & Oceans Article

Leaked E-mails Article

Natural Gas Boom in the West

4th Grading Period

Chinese Water Pollution

New Ways to Clean Up Water and Use it Again

Pollution Inside Us

Pacific Garbage Patch Article & link to Photos

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Article

*Water Quality Quiz #1* * Water Quality Quiz #2* *Water Quality Quiz #3*

History of Wildlife Conservation Notes

*History of Wildlife Conservation Quiz*


National Parks Article

Illegal Wildlife Trade Article

Extinction Article

Russian Wilderness Reserve

Hybrid Toad Article

Thrill Killing Article

Invasive Carp

Tech Trash


Recycling Facts

Light Pollution

Cheap Coal

West Virginia Mining

Oil's Future

BP's 2009 Oil Find

Chernobyl's Nuclear Accident

Wind Turbines Allow Homeowners to Cut Costs


Jet Fuel Alternatives

Ethanol from Farm Debris?

Manure to Electricity


Air Pollution Data Chart

Ohio Wind Power Map

National Wind Power Resource Map

Biodiesel Magazine

Recycling Symbols

Global Resource Corporation

American Wind Energry Association

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Incentives

Encyclopedia of Life

EPA - Biological Indicators of Watershed Health

Solar vs Wind Power

Mammal I.D. Techniques Notes

*Mammal I.D. Techniques Quiz*

Ohio Mammals - Small to Medium in Size

Small to Medium Mammals Quiz #1 * Small to Medium Mammals Quiz #2 * Small to Medium Mammals Quiz #3

Small to Medium Mammals Quiz #4

* Small to Medium Mammals Unit Test *

*Medium to Large Mammals Quiz #1a* Medium to Large Mammals Quiz #1b*

*Medium to Large Mammals Quiz #2a* Medium to Large Mammals Quiz #2b*


Forest Products Notes

*Forest Products Quiz*

*Forestry Unit Test Part #1* *Forestry Unit Test Part #2*

Riparian Zones & Atrazine Article

*Chainsaw Use & Safety Test*

Mammal Terms

*Mammal Terms Quiz*

*Shrews & Moles Quiz*

*Small Mammals Test*



Wildlife Conservation Notes

*Wildlife Conservation Test*

ODNR Wildlife Species Guide

*Weasel & Skunk Quiz*

*Fox & Coyote Quiz*

*Bobcat, Bear & Deer Quiz*

Benefits of Wildlife Notes

*Benefits of Wildlife Quiz*

History of Wildlife Conservation Quiz #1 * History of Wildlife Conservation Quiz #2

*Ecological Succession Quiz*