The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA members participate in many different contests throughout the year. The FFA provides members a competitive yet educational outlet for them to exercise what they learn in their agricultural education classes. Below are a list of the contests in which the chapter participates.

All known contest results are included on each contest page. Any former member with additional contest results is encouraged to contact Mr. Jeff Tilley, one of the chapter's two current advisors, at: mail to:<>

Contest ratings are given at the state level only except for Public Speaking and Parliamentary Procedure. For state contests, each rating represents the following:

Gold - the team placed in the top 20% of the participating teams

Silver - the team placed in the top 60% but below the top 20% of the participating teams

Bronze - the team placed in the top 80% but below the top 60% of the partipating teams

No Rating - the team placed in the bottom 20% of the participating teams

Top Ten Individual State Placing A-C FFA Members

Top Ten State Place A-C FFA Teams

Regional & National Individual Competing A-C FFA Members

Regional & National A-C FFA Teams

Amanda-Clearcreek FFA - CDE Hall of Fame

For all known results for a given contest, choose one of the contest areas listed below.

Agricultural Communications Agricultural Engineering Technology Agricultural Power Diagnostics Agricultural Issues Forum Agricultural Mechanics Skills Agricultural Sales Agronomy Animal Health Animal Management Aquarium Management Cooperative Education Dairy Cattle Equine Management Environmental & Natural Resources Management Farm Business Management Forestry General Livestock Grain Merchandising Greenhand Quiz Job Interview Meats Nature Interpretation Newswriting Outdoor Power Equipment Parliamentary Procedure Poultry Public Speaking Rural Soils Urban Soils Wildlife Management

Other Contests

Envirothon Results

A-C FFA members: For detailed contest results, see the links below.

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* 2009-2010 A-C CDE Results * 2010-2011 A-C CDE Results * 2011-2012 A-C CDE Results

2012-2013 A-C CDE Results* 2013-2014 A-C CDE Results * 2014-2015 A-C CDE Results

State Spring Skills contests were cancelled in 1987 due to snow.